Snack Attack: Ice Cream Sandwiches at Blackbird Doughnuts

This glorious combo of doughnuts and soft serve gives us hope.

Welcome to Snack Attack, where we highlight a sweet or savory treat you should save room for.

A passion fruit doughnut ice cream sandwich from Blackbird Doughnuts. / Photo by Alex Wilking.

A doughnut ice cream sandwich from Blackbird Doughnuts. / Photo by Alex Wilking

We know you love Blackbird Doughnuts. But you haven’t truly enjoyed the sugary creations of head baker Anna Roine until you’ve had them loaded with ice cream.

Enter the Blackbird Doughnut ice cream sandwich. For $6, choose any of Blackbird’s raised or cake doughnuts, and have it cut in half to make way for soft serve vanilla or chocolate ice cream. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can also opt for a swirl of both flavors.

Each sandwich is made to order, so nothing is off limits here. Try a Funfetti doughnut with a swirl and cherry dip, or cold brew coconut ring with chocolate soft serve, or a passion fruit round with vanilla (like we did). If all of this sounds like a sugar overload, you could also just have soft serve in a cup or cone.

The South End shop brought in the ice cream machine not long after opening early last year, with initial plans to serve it at night. Now, you can get brain freeze and a sugar rush anytime during Blackbird’s business hours, so it’s the perfect treat to snag when a snack attack hits. Not to mention it makes for a killer photo op:


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The shop frequently changes its doughnut offerings, so it’s safe to assume we’ve only just scratched the surface of ice cream-fueled creations and combinations. Go forth and sculpt your own sugary sandwich.

Blackbird Doughnuts, 492 Tremont St., Boston, 617-482-9000,