Four Savory Cocktails to Sip This Season

Dinner and a drink? Try drinks as dinner. Infused with a variety of herbal, meaty, and umami-rich accents, these creative cocktails have plenty of bite. By Jesse Schwartz

savory cocktails boston 1 cafe artscience stephen c

Photograph by Kelsey Cronin

Café ArtScience
Stephen C.

For a tart, piquant take on a mezcal sour, bar manager Todd Maul turned to a raft of roughage: charred jalapeños and lime, as well as leftover fruit scraps from pastry chef Renae Connolly, which he puts into centrifuge- spun ice cubes that help dilute the smoke and spice as they slowly melt.

savory cocktails boston 2 alden harlow cassiopea

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Alden & Harlow

Caribbean meets countryside with this vegetal twist on the classic daiquiri. Created by bartender Mira Stella, the Cassiopea combines falernum, fresh lime, and an unaged light rum with a crisp fennel-and-pea-shoot “simple” syrup.

savory cocktails boston 3 eastern standard arugula

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Eastern Standard

Like a gimlet on a bed of greens, bartender Diego Peña’s verdant cocktail is fueled by “rocket sugar,” an arugula purée that adds a grassy bite to the crisp combination of vodka, lemon, and dry vermouth. “I love arugula’s pepperiness,” Peña says, “and it has this nice bitter finish.”

savory cocktails boston 4 hojoko naruhito

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Foie gras is served in two unexpected ways at Tim and Nancy Cushman’s izakaya: in a pineapple sushi roll and in a cocktail. “We just want to add as much cholesterol as possible,” jokes bar manager Joe Cammarata, who infuses a lobe of goose liver into Akashi Japanese whiskey and tempers the umami opulence with Cocchi Americano and Bénédictine.