Exodus Is Throwing a Pizza (Bagel) Party

As the old saying goes, if you give a bagel maker $50, he'll give you a diner in Roslindale.

Exodus Pizza Bagel. / Photo provided

Exodus Pizza Bagel. / Photo provided

Exodus knows the way to its fans’ hearts (and their wallets): The pizza bagel.

The bagel makers are funding a move into a permanent kitchen and restaurant in Roslindale, and they’re banking on Boston’s love of sauced rounds to help them reach their goal. For a $50 pledge to their Kickstarter, Exodus has introduced a new prize: A ticket to Exodus House of Pizza (Bagels), a pop-up party at their future home on Sunday, September 18. The Facebook event that popped up yesterday promises kids will eat free, so you can bring the fam.

Adam Hirsh launched Exodus Bagels in Jamaica Plain in 2014, and has steadily grown the brand with wife and business owner Priscilla Andrade, executive chef Seth Morrison (the Gallows), and sous chef David Dubois. The group have an ambitious $60,000 goal, which must be met for them to get the payout, per Kickstarter’s policies.

“This event is contingent on the successful achievement of the campaign, so please support us so we can get together on the 18th for some great food and an exclusive tour of the facility,” Exodus writes on Facebook.

If a desire to support local business isn’t enough to entice you to drop $50 for a pizza bagel party, you probably need to eat more pizza bagels. The hybrid snack, which might have been one of the first things you learned how to make, is a great vehicle for ripe, late-summer tomatoes (see: Levend Bagelry at the Boston Public Market).

Also, who doesn’t love a good East Coast/West Coast rivalry?

Exodus House of Pizza (Bagels), Sunday, September 18, 5-8 p.m., 2 McCraw St., Roslindale, exodusbagels.com.