Legal Sea Foods’ Roger Berkowitz Wouldn’t Mind More Cuban Coffee in Boston

Trips to Miami and New York has the CEO craving the stuff.

Boston’s collective palate has come a long way since the 1960s. So have the United States’ diplomatic relations with Cuba. Legal Sea Foods CEO Roger Berkowitz wonders: Why don’t the two intersect?

Berkowitz, who last made headlines when one of his faux presidential newspaper ads suggested Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was a “cold fish,” penned an op-ed for the Herald, in which he professes his love for Cuban coffee— that is, an espresso shot sweetened with a spoonful of demerara sugar and served in a demitasse cup.

“This past week, I went to Miami and New York. In Miami, the folks I was visiting offered me some Cuban coffee—as a coffee lover, I was quick to accept,” Berkowitz wrote. “Now, Cuban coffee doesn’t have to be grown in Cuba, it’s just a special way of making it.”

Berkowitz said he plans to get his fix at the Old Havana or El Oriental de Cuba, both on Centre Street in Jamaica Plain, or Gustazo in Waltham. No word yet if Berkowitz plans to start offering the regional favorite at Legal or its spin-offs.