Snack Attack: Rolled Ice Cream at Hi B3ar

The Allston shop freezes and coils treats to order, with available toppings like torched marshmallow and whole Oreos.

Hi B3ar rolled ice cream

Rolled ice cream. / Images via

Since Hi B3ar opened in August, the Allston ice cream shop has had lines snaking out the doors.

It specializes in Thai rolled ice cream, a highly photogenic dessert that has captivated the internet with its beautiful presentation. The process starts with mixing cream and select ingredients together on an ice-cold tabletop. Choose among flavors like Matcha Lady, with matcha with red bean, First Kiss, with strawberry and graham cracker, or Morning Call, a blend of coffee and chocolate chips. After your mixture is flattened and frozen together, it’s scraped into small coils that resemble Fruit Roll-Ups and served in a bowl.

At the moment, Hi B3ar is the only place in Boston serving ice cream this way, the Boston Globe reported. Rolling ice cream is a laborious process—it can take around 10 minutes to fill each order—and demand has led to crowds at all hours (it’s open daily until 11 p.m.)

Hi B3ar offers unlimited toppings, so you can layer your creation with as many strawberries, cornflakes, and coconut shavings as you’d like. Sweeter sides include whole Oreos, gummy worms, and even marshmallows that are torched to order.

As beautiful as the ice cream looks, the taste is just as notable. It’s fresh, silky, and a touch lighter than the average store pint. Just don’t forget to Instagram your creation before you wolf it down.

$6.95, Hi B3ar, 147 Brighton Ave., Allston, 617 -208-8216,