You Can Have a Chicken & Rice Guys White Sauce Macaron This Weekend

Boston Bonbon is popping up with sweet and savory French macarons at CNR Guys's Medford shop.

Boston Bonbon at Chicken & rice Guys

Boston Bonbon at Chicken & rice Guys. / Photo via Facebook

The recipe for Chicken & Rice Guys’s most popular sauce, the garlicky, creamy white garlic, is a closely guarded company secret. But for a special pop-up this weekend with local baker Rita Ng of Boston Bonbon, the Guys are apparently willing to share.

Alongside Boston Bonbon classics like salted caramel, lavender honey, Vietnamese iced coffee, and more, Ng is serving up special maple bacon macarons, fall flavors, including cinnamon toast churro, and pumpkin chai—and yes, CNR Guys’s red and white sauce-flavored macarons.

“They are very kind to share some info with me about the sauce, but [the] secret is still a secret,” the baker says.

Chicken & Rice Guys gave Ng a few bottles of their sauces, and she developed the macaron recipes using them, says CNR Guys marketing manager Steven Collicelli.

“Rita was the genius that thought to incorporate the sauces into a cookie, but our fans have been using our white sauce ‘off label’ on pizza, burgers, pretty much anything for some time,” he says.

According to a Star Wars-style legend announcing the event shared this morning, Ng’s favorite condiment is CNRG’s white sauce, and she has long lamented its lack in the world of sweets. The story says she “poured some more white sauce on her cornflakes, downed her third creamy garlic latte, and got to work.”

This is the third time Boston Bonbon has popped up at CNR Guys. The Facebook event claims to be Boston’s first-ever savory macaron pop-up. It’s certainly the first time Boston has ever seen a garlicky white sauce-flavored cookie.

Ng will be on hand at Chicken & Rice Guys’s Medford storefront this Sunday, October 2, to meet guests and share a mutual love for the favored topping of Boston’s most revered carbohydrate. The event is free to attend, though advance tickets guarantee a half-dozen Boston Bonbon macarons, including one of the day’s special flavors.

Like so many Bostonians, have you ever stepped away from the ubiquitous yellow CNR Guys truck, container of garlic-laden chicken and rice in hand, and said out loud, “I would literally put this sauce on everything?” Did you ever think you’d be able to buy a macaron with those flavors? Don’t miss your chance to try it.

$12.75 for six macarons, Sunday, October 2, 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m., Chicken & Rice Guys, 64 Salem St., Medford, Facebook event page.