Brandon Baltzley’s Dinner Series Heads Indoors Through November

The Buffalo Jump has four more weeks of dinners planned in Falmouth.

Brandon Baltzley forages for reindeer lichen and oysters around Waquoit Bay

Baltzley forages for reindeer lichen and oysters around Waquoit Bay. / Photograph by Pat Piasecki for “Wild at Heart

Rethink the foliage drive this weekend: You’re running out of chances to try Brandon and Laura Higgins Baltzley’s dinner series, the Buffalo Jump. At a new, indoor location in East Falmouth, the culinary couple will offer their ambitious take on Cape Cod cuisine Thursdays-Saturdays through November 12.

Tonight is the first night of service at the Waquoit Congregational Church, which the Baltzleys have decorated with paintings, pottery, and other art and service items saved from Brandon Baltzley’s short-lived, first restaurant venture, TMIP in Indianapolis.

“It looks how you would think any standard community/parish hall would look,” Baltzley says, so they installed temporary walls to make it cozier, and displayed items “valuable both in price and sentiment.” It also has an open kitchen.

“The cool thing about these dinners are that the guests are a lot more interactive with the chefs,” Baltzley says.

The newlywed couple cooked together at Tim Maslow’s Ribelle in Brookline, and they travel frequently to cook with chefs from Noma (Copenhagen), Milktooth (Indianapolis), Sticky Walnut (Chester, U.K.), and other world-renowned places. Earlier this year, they moved to Higgins-Baltzley’s native Falmouth and introduced their indigenous Cape Cod fare, with ample Native American, English, and Portuguese influence, at the 41-70. The Buffalo Jump debuted July 4 at Coonamessett Farm in East Falmouth, after the Baltzeys parted ways from the 41-70.

The Buffalo Jump’s creative, ever-changing menu is fueled by Pariah Dog Farm, the Baltzleys’ Peck o’ Dirt Farm, and other Cape Cod purveyors, as well as the Baltzleys’ own foraging. The fall fare is less heavy on seafood, which featured prominently on the Buffalo Jump’s summer menus, in favor of mushrooms, game meats, and other ingredients from the land, Baltzley says.

The chefs are “committed to bringing the rich history of Cape Cod’s native and immigrant cultures to life in a family owned restaurant in 2017,” they said in a press release this week.

The Buffalo Jump offers are two, 36-seat dinners each weekend night.

$70, Thursdays-Saturdays, October 20-November 12, 5:30 and 7:30 p.m., ​Waquoit Congregational Church, 15 Parsons Lane, East Falmouth,