Have Breakfast for Dinner at Juliet, Waypoint, and Brassica Kitchen

It’s 8 p.m. Do you know where your omelets are? Three oeuf-hour options for procrastinating the most important meal of the day.

eggs breakfast juliet

Photograph by Emily Sotomayor


Joshua Lewin’s French-style dinner omelet at Juliet showcases ethereally soft folds of eggs laced with Parmigiano-Reggiano and toasted bread crumbs.

everything bagel pizza waypoint

Photograph by Emily Sotomayor

“Everything Bagel”

Waypoint’s dill-garnished pizza is not, technically speaking, a bagel. But something about the creamy mascarpone, the smoked whitefish, and—oh, yeah—the “everything”-studded crust makes us suspect the uncanny resemblance wasn’t entirely accidental.

chicken waffles brassica kitchen

Photograph by Emily Sotomayor

Chicken and/or Waffles

They say breakfast wasn’t liberated from its temporal shackles until humans discovered maple syrup’s ability to rupture the waffle–fried chicken continuum. The full trio is available at Brassica Kitchen + Café’s Sunday brunch, and the bird and salted-plum syrup jam on as a stripped-down dinner the rest of the week.


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