Found in Boston: Xinjiang Noodles, Moldova Tortes, Sapporo Ramen

xinjiang food boston home taste

Photograph by Jenna Skutnik


The northwestern Chinese province is known for the Silk Road, rugged moutainscapes, and these stretchy, hand-pulled noodles, which Home Taste tosses with cumin, peppers, onions, and tender slices of lamb.

moldova ethnic food boston

Photograph by Jenna Skutnik


Crafted from sour-cherry-stuffed crêpes arranged in a pyramid shape, Moldova’s traditional cușma lui guguţă torte is a sweet way to get acquainted with the tiny Eastern European country.

sapporo style ramen hokkaido japan boston ganko ittetsu

Photograph by Emily Sotomayor


Ramen? Witheringly broad. Miso-powered pork ramen that hails from the capital of Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost main island? Delightfully precise. Ganko Ittetsu Ramen’s comes with sautéed napa, bean sprouts, corn, and a five-minute egg.


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