Nine Eye-Catching Drinks from Mamaleh’s

The Kendall Square restaurant goes long on house-crafted refreshers for the designated driver (plus a few for the destined-to-be-driven).

mamaleh's drinks

Photographs by Nina Gallant

From left:

— Row 1 —

Celery Soda
A stick-to-the-ribs spin on canned Cel-Ray.

Pineapple Lactart
Tropical sparkler with lactic-acid-amped tartness.

Chocolate Egg Cream
No egg. No cream. (Yes: seltzer, milk, chocolate syrup.)

— Row 2 —

Lemon-Cardamom Soda
A literalist-friendly blend of lemon, cardamom, and soda.

Pickles the Great Soda
Dirty-martini-ish nostalgia for the teetotally awesome.

Sparkling mint lemonade that’ll take your breath away.

— Row 3 —

Cherry Phosphate
Seltzer and cherry syrup, with a dash of high school chemistry.

Zywiec Porter Float
Like having your beer and eating it, too.

Mahia Milkshake
Spiked with Madeira, fig brandy, and Israeli anise liqueur.


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