Three Pretty Plates at Bar Mezzana, Uni, and Yvonne’s

As bespoke pottery replaces basic white as the place-mat topper of choice, dishes offer a new window into a restaurant’s soul. Obviously, we took a peek.

homer laughlin plates bar mezzana

Photograph by Emily Sotomayor

Homer Laughlin, for Bar Mezzana

As seen beneath: Grilled octopus salad.

Deeper dish: To complement the “coastal Italian brasserie” theme, graphic designer Kim Miller gave these customized Homer Laughlin plates a Paris-meets-Amalfi Coast spin, with a deep blue rim and an artistically rendered octopus in the center—in case you need a reminder of what you’re eating.

keith kreeger studios plates uni

Photograph by Jenna Skutnik

Keith Kreeger Studios, for Uni

As seen beneath: Omakase tasting menu; seasonal sashimi.

Deeper dish: The restaurant’s minimalist dishware occasionally likes to let its hair down—say, with a slightly irregular rim, or a completely out-of-left-field shade of white. The interior circle, in fine-point black, shows an additional spark of personality, and also helps newer line cooks anchor the restaurant’s preferred circumferential plating style.

ogusky ceramics plates yvonnes

Photograph by Emily Sotomayor

Ogusky Ceramics, for Yvonne’s

As seen beneath: Chicken-quinoa meatballs.

Deeper dish: Shaped like a cazuela (a traditional South American cooking vessel) with its side handles lopped off, this stylish number says, “Totally down with the peasant food but this is a nice place, so keep it clean.” Raised sides ensure errant chermoula doesn’t leach out onto the fine table linens.


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