Santouka Ramen Teams Up With Uniqlo For a Rewards Program

This fall, shopping for clothes can net you discounts on ramen bowls, and vice versa.

Santouka Back Bay kitchen

Santouka Back Bay. / Photo by Kelsey Cronin for “Look Inside Santouka Back Bay, then Eat Ramen There Tonight

It won’t be long until fashion fanatics flood the newest Uniqlo on Newbury Street. But in the meantime, the Japanese fashion brand is here to help you get your ramen fix.

Wait, what?

That’s right. Uniqlo has a new, loyalty rewards program with Santouka Ramen—which opened its second Boston-area location just off Newbury Street over the summer—for fans of both Japanese imports. For a limited time,every $10 spent at a Uniqlo or Santouka store in Massachusetts will earn you a stamp on a card. After garnering 10 stamps, shoppers and diners can score 10 percent off at either store. The promotion runs from November 1 until Saturday, December 31.

A partnership between a fashion brand and a ramen shop might seem a little strange, but it all started with the clothes. The Santouka team was looking for new employee uniforms, and a local Uniqlo store manager happened to reach out after a great dining experience. After the companies connected, they realized Uniqlo’s wares matched the ramen shop’s needs. It didn’t hurt that Takahiro Igo, chief technical officer for Plenty USA (the company that brought Santouka to Boston), had long wanted to partner with the respected Japanese apparel brand, he says.

Before long, Uniqlo’s Dry Pique polo became the official uniform for Santouka’s Boston-area employees. These specific threads were picked to keep workers comfortable, while combating the temperatures and fast-paced demands of the restaurant. Now, the restaurant’s crew is dressed for success, and we can reap the benefits.

Visit one of Santouka’s two local stores—in Back Bay and Harvard Square—or Uniqlo shops at Faneuil Hall, Chestnut Hill, and other Massachusetts locations to claim a card and get slurping (or shopping).

Santouka Ramen, 66 Hereford St., Boston, 857-310-5194, 1 Bow St., Cambridge, 617-945-1460,

UPDATE, November 1: A previous version of the story indicated an opening date for Uniqlo on Newbury Street, but the company has since pushed that date back.