It’s Weiner & Wine Wednesday at Haley.Henry

There's a classy new hot dog night in town.

Weiner & Wine Wednesdays at haley.henry

Weiner & Wine Wednesdays at haley.henry. / Photo provided

Sure, a hot dog and an ice cold American lager is pretty much perfect. But why relegate the tubesteak to the tailgate? Luckily, Boston chefs do not—from Tony Maws’s instant classic that is Hot Dog Mondays, to the monstrous, fried Sonoran dog at Lone Star Taco Bar in Cambridge, the humble hot dog reaches new heights.

Today, one of the most exciting new restaurants around is joining the pack: Weiner & Wine Wednesdays has kicked off at Haley.Henry Wine Bar.

That’s right, wine with your weiner. Haley.Henry debuted in Downtown Crossing late this summer with shelves stocked with eclectic cuvées, curated by owner Haley Fortier. The Sportello alum wants her new place to be somewhere people can go to learn about wines, without being intimidated. At Haley.Henry, she offers half-bottles, of many offbeat options, as well as copious pours by-the-glass.

“With this awesome, juicy, flavorful D’Artagnan hot dog, our chef Carolina [Curtin] is having a blast creating a bunch of different toppings—pickled veggies, aiolis, sauerkraut—and this makes pairing these weiners with wine really fun and so delicious,” Fortier says.

Today’s edition is topped with house-made, heirloom tomato jam, plus pickled onions and mustard seed, and Dijon ailoi. It’s paired with a lively, Alastian white wine from Domaine Hubert et Heidi Hausherr for $18.

Going forward, Haley.Henry will announce each Weiner & Wine pairing every Wednesday on social media. The special starts at 3 p.m. and is available until the hot dogs are gone.

Headed to DTX tonight? Marliave also launches a new, Wednesday-night series. Imbibe Wednesdays highlight a different category of drinks every week this month, paired with hors d’oeuvres from chef Barnett Harper. It kicks off with artisan hard cider. Check out the full lineup below.

Imbibe Wednesdays at Marliave

November 2: Cider Fest

November 9: Garage wines/Urban Wineries, Pioneers, Rule Breakers, and Renegades

November 16: What to drink with your Thanksgiving Dinner …and the leftovers!

November 23: Bubbles

November 30: Coravin and Decanter night

Weiner & Wine Wednesdays, $15-$20, beginning at 3 p.m. each week, Haley.Henry Wine Bar, 45 Province St., Downtown Crossing, Boston, 617-208-6000,

Imbibe Wednesdays, pairings start at $35, 6-8 p.m. each week in November, Marliave, 10 Bosworth St., Downtown Crossing, Boston, 617-422-0004,