Ohlin’s Bakery Cannot Reopen in Its Original Spot

The family—who have owned the Belmont doughnut shop for nearly 50 years—are looking at locations in Cambridge, Arlington, and nearby.

Ohlin's Bakery doughnut case

Ohlin’s Bakery doughnut case. / Photo via Facebook

There’s a blockade in the path of Ohlin’s Bakery to reopen in Belmont. The owners have been told their longtime home is beyond repair, and they are searching for a new location.

Paul and Marybeth Klemm, whose family took over the 101-year-old Cushing Square institution in 1967, just learned their efforts to restore the bakery after an early morning gas explosion in March have been for naught.

“We were told by our landlord that this is no longer possible. We are extremely shocked and disappointed by this! It has been very depressing and we feel so lost and sad,” they wrote on Facebook.

No luck yet: “A lot of these places are very small. We had about 1,800 [square feet] before. We could use between 1,700-2,000 [square feet,] with hopefully good PARKING and REASONABLE and AFFORDABLE RENT!”

They will gladly take any leads fans can provide. Ohlin’s Bakery also appears to still be accepting help in the form of an GoFundMe campaign, started for them by a one-time employee and Belmont native. Currently, the crowdfunding campaign has raked in just more then $23,500. Ohlin’s Bakery representatives did not respond to a Facebook message yesterday seeking more information about their plans, but it’s likely the Klemm family isn’t sure how much funding they will need to reopen Ohlin’s elsewhere.

If you love pastries, supporting independent businesses, and/or preserving history, send any commercial real estate listings you see Ohlin’s way—and if you can, kick the money you would be spending on butter crunch doughnuts to the GoFundMe.