Kelly Olynyk Was at His Favorite Sushi Spot Last Night

Fuji at Ink Block hosted the 7-foot Celtics star ahead of the team's highly anticipated Friday night matchup against the Golden State Warriors.


PHOTOGRAPH BY KEN RICHARDSON for ‘Posting Up with the Celtics’ Kelly Olynyk

Before tonight’s showdown against Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors, Kelly Olynyk fortified himself with dinner with his favorite restaurant group last night. He was spotted at the new Fuji at Ink Block last night, the restaurant shared.

Kelly Olynyk with Fuji Group founder and CEO Jimmy Liang and a friend.

When Boston magazine interviewed the Celtics’ 7-foot center earlier this year, he revealed sushi is absolutely what he’s splurged on since signing his $9 million, four-year contract with the Celtics. Olynyk shouted out Fuji Group executive head chef and Fuji Group CEO Jimmy Liang’s student, Ming Cao, by name, saying the chef does “a great job.” Olynyk says he eats sushi four or five nights per week, and he’s been known to make it, too.

As a child, he fell in love with the Japanese tradition at a local sushi restaurant near his home in Toronto.

I loved watching the guy make it. After school I started going; I used to just go and sit there and watch the guy make it. I went a few weeks, maybe four weeks in a row, and one day the restaurant wasn’t too busy, and he asked me if I wanted to learn how to make it. And I said, “Yeah, I’d love to.” He said to come back the next day after school. It was so hard to get through school. I was so excited. And I got there and he told me, “Put on this, go wash your hands,” and he taught me how to roll it out, make it, cut it up, present it. Ever since then I loved it. I make it at home, make it everywhere. I made it at my dorm room in college.

Earlier this fall, Olynyk joined Sports Illustrated and the chef from New York’s Blue Ribbon Sushi at the Food & Wine Test Kitchen to make a California blue crab roll, where he shared the same story about his love for sushi.

It’s not just sushi that Olynyk loves. The big is an undisputed food fan: This summer’s Battle of the Burger was the third time Olynyk was a judge at the annual Boston magazine event. He’s grilled up burgers with NESN. And in his BoMag interview, he regaled fans with a tale of eating a burrito in just one bite.

We know Kevin Durant can house a few pounds of Maryland crab, but we’re not convinced he’d beat Olynyk in the burrito challenge, or if he can make a crab roll.

Fuji at Ink Block, 352b Harrison Ave., South End, Boston, 617-936-3282,