Dunkin’ Donuts Tests Curbside Pickup in Natick

Wouldn't it have been nice to not have to get out of the car this morning?

If your morning Dunks run took you to Natick Center today, lucky you. Customers at a location there now have the option of staying inside their warm cars while a Dunkin’ Donuts employee delivers their orders to go.

Curbside pickup is a new, free service available to DD Perks users with iPhones. The Android rollout is slated for December 19. The Boston Herald reports the new service builds on the other conveniences Dunks has built into its business model in the past year, like mobile ordering, which started in June, and online pre-ordering.

With curbside pickup, customers order, pay, and select the service via the DD Perks app, then pull up at a designated parking spot, monitored by employees thanks to a mounted camera. It’s a convenience for customers at locations that can’t offer drive-through service, Dunkin’ Donuts’ U.S. vice president of digital marketing and innovation told the Herald.

So far, the service has only launched at 54 East Central St. in Natick, though Dunkin’ Donuts plans to assess how it’s received and potentially roll it out nationally in 2017. In Natick, curbside pickup is available until 8 p.m. tonight, which is great, because it’s a perfect day to stay in the car.