A Big Mac ATM Dishes Out Free Burgers in Boston

Grab one in Kenmore Square on Tuesday.

Courtesy of SHIFT Communications.

Courtesy of SHIFT Communications.

No, there are no tiny robot hands building your burger in the Big Mac ATM coming to the Kenmore Square McDonald’s at lunchtime on Tuesday, January 31.

“To be clear, the ATM does not put the Big Mac burger ingredients together, as they are already prepared and entered into the ATM by a team member,” says a spokesperson for McDonald’s.

The Big Mac ATM, which dishes out sandwiches for free on Tuesday, arrives on the heels of two new members of the Big Mac family: the slightly smaller Mac Jr., and the slightly larger Grand Mac. The pop-up ATM giveaway celebrates the new releases.

By simply typing in their Twitter handle or email and then selecting which of the three versions of the Big Mac they want, customers receive the same burger available in-restaurant, but without any human interaction.

“The burgers are cooked on-site at the Kenmore McDonald’s and then immediately loaded into the heated machine, which is refilled on an ongoing basis to ensure fresh quality,” says local McDonald’s owner and operator Vincent Spadea.

Not that your burger will be sitting in the ATM long enough for you to worry about it getting cold. Following a surge of interest in the Big Mac ATM, it was moved from the original site of the Copley Place’s Huntington Bridge to Kenmore Square to accommodate a larger amount of burgers to feed interested Bostonians.

And for everyone worried about this Big Mac ATM taking the place of human interaction forever?

“McDonald’s does not have any further plans with the technology,” says Spadea.

January 31, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., McDonald’s, 540 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, 617-867-9524, mcdonalds.com