Bagelsaurus Brings Back Pizza Bagels Every Monday

Start your week off right with Mary Ting Hyatt's chewy sourdough and "fancy 'roni."

Fancy 'roni pizza bagels at Bagelsaurus. / Photo provided

Fancy ‘roni pizza bagels at Bagelsaurus. / Photo provided

If you’re daunted by the line snaking outside of Bagelsaurus every weekend, try visiting the Porter Square bakery on a Monday. The bagel shop recently expanded its hours to be open that day, and believe it or not, owner Mary Ting Hyatt says so far, they’ve been pretty quiet.

So this week, she and her team brought back a favorite: Pizza bagels.

Hyatt first introduced the historic treat in the early days of her brick-and-mortar shop, but with just one oven in the back of the kitchen, the operation was difficult as Bagelsaurus got busier. But since Rabottini’s Pizza has set up shop there, serving up its square pies every Friday, there’s now an oven out front that helps the system.

“We’re trying to make sure we’re not make anything too close to what Dan [Roberts] of Rabottini’s is doing on Fridays, so our sauce is different, we’re using fresh mozzarella rather than aged, and we’re doing some nice, thick basil oil for color and a pop of flavor,” Hyatt says.

The pizza bagels are made atop a plain bagel. Every week, they’ll offer cheese ($6.50), plus a rotating other option ($7.50). To start, it’s “fancy ‘roni,” aka Molinari fennel salame. Keep an eye on Instagram for sneak peeks at new flavors.

Each order is a whole bagel, so two, topped halves. Pizza bagels are available every Monday beginning at 11 a.m.—until they sell out.

1796 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, 857-285-6103,