Honeygrow Sprouts in Fenway This Year

The Philly-based chain is bringing stir-fry bowls and salads to New England.

A stir-fry spread from Honeygrow

A stir-fry spread from Honeygrow. / Photo by Jason Varney

Fenway is getting crowded with restaurants. Not that we’re complaining—being able to hit Tapestry, Tiger Mama, and Saloniki in one fell swoop isn’t a bad way to spend a day. Before long, add a more health-conscious spot to that tour: Honeygrow just signed a lease in the neighborhood, and hopes to unveil its first New England location there this August, a representative from the restaurant group confirmed.

The Philadelphia-based chain first opened in 2012 with a focus on stir-fry and salad bowls. Chef and culinary director David Katz helped build the menu on signature items like the Sour Cherry BBQ, with roast pork and green beans; to custom servings of greens donning ingredients like organic, spicy tofu and mustard soy vinaigrette. The company has brought that menu to a number of locations in the Northeast, including Delaware and Washington, D.C. Boston will be the first of several New England spots, according to today’s press release.

Like its sister locations, the newest Honeygrow will use seasonal ingredients brought in from as nearby as possible, and lean on hormone-free protein choices. Hungry Bostonians can also take advantage of the restaurant’s self-service tablets to order. The location will have a new line of cold-pressed juices, as well as the Honeybar, a build-your-own snack menu featuring assorted fruits and sweet toppings.

Honeygrow isn’t the only budding business looking to call Fenway home. Tiffani Faison will soon open her third restaurant in the neighborhood, after helping establish it as a destination with Sweet Cheeks and Tiger Mama. Eventide Oyster Co. is still on track to bring its acclaimed eats to the area later this year, as are Bennett’s Sandwich Shop of Maine and Tatte Bakery.

Honeygrow, 1282 Boylston St., Fenway/Kenmore, honeygrow.com.

Honeygrow in Charles Village, Maryland.

Honeygrow in Charles Village, Maryland. / Photo by Kyle Huff