The Breakdown: At Kaki Lima, a Taste of Indonesia

Here's a closer look at three standout dishes from Retno Pratiwi's Wink & Nod pop-up.

kaki lima

Dishes from Kaki Lima. / Photograph by Nina Gallant

Center: Grilled chicken, or ayam bakar, is glazed with sweet soy sauce and seasoned with lemongrass, kaffir lime, and coriander.

Bottom Left: The classic Indonesian dessert known as dadar gulung features pandan crêpes stuffed with shredded coconut and served with a coconut-sugar caramel sauce.

Top Right: Pratiwi learned the recipe for lambai, an herb salad with lime leaves, lemongrass, and chili, from a family in Aceh, a province in western Indonesia.

Retno Pratiwi doesn’t travel light. Whenever she visits her native Indonesia, the Boston-based chef stashes kitchen tools including a scale and a thermometer in her suitcase. For the past few years, Pratiwi and her husband, journalist Peter Gelling, have been on a mission to document and re-create the island nation’s complex regional cuisine for their pop-up restaurant, Kaki Lima. Now, thanks to their new six-month residency at Wink & Nod, the couple’s street-food-inspired fare is gaining a wider audience, bringing them one step closer to opening a brick-and-mortar spot in Boston, and to their ultimate goal of making beef rendang as commonplace as pad thai here in Pratiwi’s second hometown.

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