Boston Burger Co. Is Delivering Munchies for 4/20

The "HotBox" special has a couple loaded burgers, pizza fries, and more.

The 420 HotBox from Boston Burger Co.

The 420 HotBox from Boston Burger Co. / Photo provided

Boston Burger Co. is a stoner’s destination any day of the year, with over-the-top sandwiches slathered in mac and cheese, “freak frappes” decked out with entire slices of cake, and more. But for those planning to celebrate the 4/20 holiday in full compliance with Massachusetts’ new legalization law—smoking legal weed in the comfort of your own home—they’re here for you this year.

The “HotBox” is a new BurgaBox from the local mini-chain. Boston Burger Co. debuted its take on meal kit deliveries last summer, a “cheat day in a box” and an ironic, caloric response to the proliferation to healthy services like Purple Carrot and Lighter.

The 420 HotBox can be ordered to feed two people or four, with the ingredients to make BBC’s infamous 420 burger, a behemoth, eight-ounce beef patty topped with not just fried mac and cheese, but also mozzarella sticks, onion rings, French fries, bacon, American cheese, and golden barbecue sauce. For sides, choose the likes of pepperoni, marinara, and cheddar jack-topped “pizza fries” and a cup of chili mac and cheese, BBC’s four-cheese mac mixed with the restaurant’s beefy chili; or other ridiculous options. Baked beans and coleslaw are also included, because why not.

You’ll have to buy your own Tums.

BurgaBox offers free, two-day shipping nationwide. For delivery by Thursday, April 20, orders must be in by Tuesday.

$65 / $75,