More Ice Cream Pops Up at the Boston Public Market

Two new brands bring tons of new flavors to the market in June and July.

Ice Cream Boston Public Market

Crescent Ridge Ice Cream / Photo provided by Boston Public Market

More ice cream is coming to Boston Public Market this summer. During June and July, two new brands will add their products to the frozen confectionary offerings already there.

Crescent Ridge Dairy has been a staple at the Public Market since it opened in 2015. This year marks the Sharon-based company’s 85th anniversary, with third and fourth generation family members now running the show.

Bart’s Ice Cream will set up shop at the market from June 19-July 16. Founded in Northampton in 1976, the brand uses local ingredients to make non-GMO, all-natural ice cream. They still manage to produce more than 40 rotating flavors, like chunky chocolate mousse with raspberry, Mass Mocha, Peanut Butter Paradise, and seasonal fruit flavors (made with local fruits, of course).  They also make low-fat and dairy-free options.

After Bart’s finishes its run, Minus the Moo will pop up at the Market from July 17-July 30. The company was started by two friends who met while studying at Villanova. One is lactose-intolerant, and she found that dairy-free ice cream just didn’t live up to the the full dairy kind. She started working on her own lactose-free flavors, and now Minus the Moo offers salted chocolate chip, classics like mint chip and chocolate, and more flavors for lactose intolerant folks.

Both stands will be as scooping up cups and cones. But don’t worry—they’ll also be selling pints to take home too, because when is one scoop ever enough?

Boston Public Market, 100 Hanover Street,