Compliments Food Truck Ramps Up Breakfast in Back Bay

The morning meal heads to Harvard Square this fall, too.

Compliments food truck

Compliments food truck. / Photo via Facebook

Sibling-run food truck Compliments Food Co. has been a regular fixture for comfort food on the Greenway, at SoWa, at breweries around the region, and beyond since Bobby and Andrea MacLean first hit the streets in 2012. It has dabbled in breakfast—and Bobby is half of the new café pop-up Hikōki—but this spring, regular morning service is on the menu.

Compliments now serves breakfast three days a week in Back Bay, and the team plans to bring the early service to the Harvard Science Center plaza this fall, Bobby MacLean says. Along with George Howell Coffee, the yellow truck vends gourmet breakfast sandwiches, like a Portuguese muffin topped with an egg, muenster cheese, and kale, with or without soppressata, dreamt up by Patrick Cassidy.

Most recently bar manager at La Brasa, Cassidy also helped open Sarma and tended bar at the Kirkland Tap & Trotter.

“I met Bobby at most of these places and we talked about food trucking and my passion for egg sandwiches,” Cassidy says. The partnership grew from there, and the former bartender is now spearheading Compliments’ breakfast program.

Compliments is parked on Stuart Street at Trinity Place every Wednesday-Friday from 7-11 a.m.