Evy Tea Is Now Open in Charlestown

Grab a cold-brewed matcha at the brand's second location.

EvyTea on draft

On tap./ Photo provided by Evy Tea

Cold-brewed tea—in flavors such as strawberry basil, coconut matcha, and mango lemongrass—is now on tap in Charlestown.

Boston-based Evy Tea opened its second tea bar location today, near the Bunker Hill Monument at 1 Monument Avenue. Like its Jamaica Plain counterpart, the new shop offers regular and sparkling cold-brewed teas in cups and growlers, plus tea lattes and snacks.

“When we were looking around for a new neighborhood, this location felt particularly right,” says founder Evy Chen, an Emerson College grad who grew up in an area of southern China she describes as the “Sonoma of tea.”

Chen cold-brews white, black, and green teas for 16 to 24 hours. The proprietary steeping process yields drinks with less bitterness, bolder flavor, and more antioxidants than the traditional hot-water method, she says. They are lightly sweetened with natural ingredients including coconut sugar, honey, and agave, and can be customized with add-ins like fruit purees, boba, chia seeds, and fresh herbs.

As part of a two-week soft opening period, Chen is seeking feedback from customers on everything from hours to prices to food. Current snack options include toast topped with Doves and Figs jam and sweets such as macarons.

Chen, who recently nabbed $1 million in seed funding, as BostInno reported, also sells bottled teas at various locations, including Whole Foods.

1 Monument Ave., Charlestown, evytea.com