Seven Boston Executives on Where They Like to Lunch

We asked a few power players where they enjoy dining out. Here's what they said. Oak Long Bar receives multiple nods.

oak long bar

Photo by Tony Luong for Best of Boston 2017

Steve Conine, cofounder and cochairman of Wayfair:

My favorite lunch spot in Boston is Boca Grande. Though technically not in Boston anymore, it’s worth crossing the Charles for. My favorite dish is the grande carnitas burrito—no cheese or beans.

When asked what he would change about Logan Airport, Conine doubled down: “Add a Boca Grande to every terminal.”

Andrew Collins, president and CEO of Sentient Jet:

For business lunches, there are two go-to spots for me. One is the University Club of Boston because it’s quiet, they do a great job with service, and you don’t worry about who you’re seen with if there’s anything confidential that you’re working on. If you’re looking to get someone talking, liven them up, get good food, and have a lot of fun, Oak Long Bar is my favorite spot.

Jim Taiclet, chairman, president, and CEO of American Tower, also likes Oak Long Bar:

There are a lot of great options for lunch meetings in Boston. But, especially for out-of-town visitors, I like the Oak Long Bar at the Fairmont in Copley Square—it’s an iconic Boston location.

Lisa Tanzer, president of Life Is Good:

My favorite place to grab lunch in Boston is Pastoral. It’s right around the corner and always delicious. I go there often for working lunches, and they cater lots of our events at the Life Is Good Tavern.

Joseph “Jay” Hooley, chairman and CEO of State Street Corporation, doesn’t leave the office much:

It’s rare that I have lunch outside the office. You’re more likely to find me at the cafeteria at State Street Financial Center or having lunch in my conference room with a staff member. Dinner is another story, however.

Jay, here are a few recommendations.

When we interviewed Matthew O’Toole, the president of Reebok, for our May 2017 issue, he said at the time:

My favorite place to grab lunch in the city is Tavern Road. Get the fish tacos.

Sorry Matthew, but Tavern Road called it quits. Have you tried Chilacates?

Finally, here’s a dinner idea from Shira Goodman, president and CEO of Staples:

If I’m having dinner in the city, you’ll find me at Oleana, in Cambridge. I love their vegetarian tasting menu!


[Adapted from Boston Inc., a series of interviews conducted in 2015 and 2016. See more.]