Top New Restaurants in Boston 2017

Photographs by Toan Trinh

In a city where new spots pop up faster than you can say “crudo,” it isn’t easy picking the top restaurants in town. So we spent months twirling pasta and knocking back sake cocktails to see what we could find. The result? Communal tables are in, tasting menus are out, and if it ain’t fast-casual, it’s so very last year. Showcasing openings before September 1, our highly opinionated list is all you’ll need to dine in style. Well, that and a healthy appetite, of course.

Edited by Jenna Pelletier
Photographs by Toan Trinh
With additional reporting by Liz Bomze, Jacqueline Cain, Jolyon Helterman, and Brittany Jasnoff

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— PLUS —

Sign of the Times

A breakdown of Café du Pays’ of-the-moment details.

A Roaring Success

A by-the-numbers look at Terra’s show-stopping wood-fire grill.

Time to Make the Ramen

A peek at the labor-intensive, 18-hour cooking process at Ruckus.

Namesake Pour

Mix up your own Parisian repast with a cocktail recipe from Les Sablons.

Table Talk

The dos and don’ts of communal dining.

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