A Roaring Success

A by-the-numbers look at Terra’s show-stopping wood-fire grill.

Photograph by Toan Trinh

80+ percent

Portion of the menu that touches the flames

6 menus

Number of day-old menus used to light the fire each day

45 seconds

Time on the grill for the dish with the shortest cooking time: beef heart

40 minutes

Time on the grill for the dish with the longest cooking time: lamb chops

1½–2 cords

Amount of wood Terra burns through every week

71 miles

Distance the oak and ash travel from their source, Verrier Tree Service, in Rhode Island

#1 rule

“Don’t let your fire go out.” —chef de cuisine Dan Bazzinotti

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Jenna Pelletier Jenna Pelletier, Food Editor at Boston Magazine