Look For Vending Machines Full of Polar’s Magical Seltzer Around Boston

The Worcester bubble-makers dropped machines around town to fundraise for arts education.

An "Impossibly Good" Polar Seltzer vending machine was spotted at Boston Landing

An “Impossibly Good” Polar Seltzer vending machine was spotted at Boston Landing. / Photo by Tyler Machado

Polar Seltzer’s “mythic menagerie” of #SeltzerJr flavors—Unicorn Kisses, Yeti Mischief, Mermaid Songs, and Dragon Whispers—are whimsically tasty, good with booze, and now, a way to support arts education in Boston. The Worcester-based beverage company is setting up Impossibly Good vending machines around Boston this holiday season full of the colorful half-pint cans, with all proceeds donated to arts programs in Boston Public schools.

“We are working directly with Myran Parker-Brass, Executive Director for the Arts at Boston Public schools… to help fund and support visual arts programs,” Polar shares on a website that just popped up for the promotion.

So far, the machines have been spotted at the New Balance headquarters at Boston Landing, at the Boston Public Market, at Sweet Cheeks (which was an O.G. in the whole spiking of these sparkling seltzers), and at the Life is Good store at Patriot Place in Foxboro, according to an eye witness in a Facebook group devoted to “fizz” that I happen to follow. For you, Boston. I follow the fizz group for you. A representative of the Wang Theatre just shared you’ll find one at that historic spot, too.

Polar says about a dozen sites will host these pastel peddlers through the end of the year. The company encourages use of the hashtag #SeltzerJr to document your non-violent hunt. Let us know with #bosfeed where else you spot these mystical machines.

Polar Seltzer

Photo by Toan Trinh/Lizzy Barrett/Julia Hopkins