Dunkin’ Just Launched Its New Concept Store in Quincy

The chain has ditched the word "donut" in its name and added nitro coffee.

The new Dunkin' in Quincy

The new Dunkin’ in Quincy. Provided by PRNewsfoto/Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ is now serving nitro coffee, because everything changes and the world is a scary place.

The Canton-based company unveiled its new concept store in Quincy on Tuesday—“Donut” unceremoniously scrubbed from its building—and it is perplexing to say the least. The delightfully clunky robots that previously brewed Boston’s favorite cup of coffee have been replaced with a system of eight taps that look like they belong in a bar, not a coffee shop. The new stores are stocked with nitro and cold brew coffee, and the images from MassLive have us pouring one out for the days when Dunkin’ wouldn’t touch the word “artisanal” with a 20-foot long uncoiled apple fritter.

The 2,200 square-foot concept store will probably delight the souls of people who dwell in hipster cafes and have a stock of 17 elaborate Chemex machines at home. The “modern” Donut-less (but relax, they’re still serving doughnuts) Dunkin’ is going heavy on the company’s mobile ordering option and digital kiosks, so you won’t even have to look the barista in the eye when you order that fancy betrayal of a beverage. According to MassLive, the prototype is also filled with brighter colors, because the old shades of pink and orange were apparently too subdued.

We’re all for innovation and making stuff better. Really, we are definitely flexible and open to change and not at all closed-minded about shaking up the things that form the very bedrock of our morning routine. But Dunkin’ is wonderful because it doesn’t try to do too much. It is not a place that bends to peer pressure. It is the place where it’s normal to get sweet iced coffee placed in a not-so-environmentally-friendly Styrofoam cup in the dead of winter. It is a greasy sleeve of hash browns, the world’s best hangover cure. It is a chocolate cake doughnut just for the sake of it. It is not fancy. It is good.