Puritan & Co.’s “Ghost Restaurant” Is Live on Caviar Tonight

Puritan Trading Co. offers an exclusive menu optimized for delivery.

Scallop and linguiça dumplings with piri piri sauce from Puritan Trading Co.

Scallop and linguiça dumplings with piri piri sauce from Puritan Trading Co. / Photo provided by Puritan & Co.

While nothing compares with a night out—access to a full bar, a convivial atmosphere, and a complete lack of cleanup required—it is seriously compelling to be able to dig into your favorite restaurant food without having to put shoes on. Chefs know this, and are continually meeting people where they are—on their couches—whether they like it or not, by offering delivery through services like Seamless, DoorDash, UberEats, and Caviar.

Puritan & Co. chef Will Gilson is about to join the ranks, but with a bit of a twist: the “ghost restaurant” Puritan Trading Co. has its own, exclusive menu, wish dishes optimized to travel across town rather than across the restaurant.

A couple Puritan & Co. favorites, like fried whole belly clams with Thai basil and squid ink aioli; and scallop and linguiça dumplings with piri piri sauce (which actually just came off the bar menu) are available to order in. But there are a host of new items, including a baller-looking crispy chicken sandwich.

The food is made in the Puritan & Co. kitchen, but it will be packaged and picked up in a separate, adjacent Inman Square space. “Construction of a restaurant in the space next door featuring this menu would be too costly at this point, so it’s almost like making a restaurant without an address,” Gilson said in a press release.

Check out the full menu below. Puritan Trading Co. goes live on Caviar tonight at 5:30 p.m., and is available Monday-Thursday from 5:30-8:30 p.m.


Puritan & Co., 1166 Cambridge St., Inman Square, Cambridge, 617-615-6195, puritancambridge.com.

    Puritan Trading Co. Menu

Scallop and linguica dumplings
-sweet and sour piri piri sauce or roasted garlic aioli

Street food-style seared udon noodles
-chicken, cauliflower, shishito peppers, green onions

Jonah crab rangoons
-sweet and sour piri piri sauce or roasted garlic aioli

Fried whole belly clams
-squid ink aioli, grilled lemon, jalapeno, thai basil

Grilled pork belly banh mi
-quick pickles, cilantro, sub roll, hoisin bbq

Spicy white clam garlic toast

Double fried chicken wings
-jalapeno, cilantro-lime aioli, Sichuan oil

Seared snap peas
-soy, radish, dukkah

Thai green beans with rock shrimp
-fish sauce caramel, cilantro, green papaya

Spicy Fried cauliflower
-scallion, sesame, chili

Grilled marinated beef shortribs
-ginger-scallion sauce

Guanciale fried Chinese black rice

Crispy chicken sandwich
-potato bun, pickles, iceberg, sweet and sour sauce

Organic salmon poke
-avocado toast, tobiko, furikake, edamame

Red curry heirloom carrots
-coconut, sultanas, pearl onions