Mystic Brewery’s Orange Dino Beer Is Back From the Edge of Extinction

The double IPA roared to life in 2015, when the Saugus landmark's fate was unknown.

Mystic Brewery's Orange Dinosaur double IPA

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The kitschy landscape of Route 1 is rapidly changing, but the orange dinosaur still stands watch over the development (really, the giant dirt piles) around its Saugus terrain. Formerly a watch guard of Route 1 Miniature Golf, the iconic predator’s fate was unknown when the longtime owners sold the property in 2015 to make way for hotels, condos, and a new Kane’s Donuts.

The developer has since promised the dino will be a part of any future landmarks. But when he (she?) looked poised for extinction, the good people at Mystic Brewery stepped in to make sure his (her?) legend wasn’t lost to the sands of time.

The Orange Dinosaur Double IPA had a small release back in late 2015, and it returns in cans this weekend.

The beer is an assertive 8.5 percent alcohol-by-volume, an homage to the real orange dino’s prominence. It’s also a flavor bomb, with bright, juicy peach, citrusy lime and blood orange flavors, and a piney bitter finish. The Orange Dinosaur DIPA is not naturally bottle-conditioned this time, like it was back in 2015; that change ensures hop freshness, says sales and marketing director Tripp Nichols. It also reflects Mystic’s own evolution toward canned beers and unique IPAs.

The brewery-only redux of the Orange Dinosaur hits the Chelsea taproom this Saturday and Sunday, and it’s sure to be extinct pretty quickly. Mystic opens at 11 a.m.

174 Williams St., Chelsea, 617-466-2079,