Check Out the Menu at Rabottini’s Pizza in Lower Allston

The long-term pop-up will dish up organic pies, seasonal salads, and Gracie's Ice Cream through the fall.

Rabottini's Pizza, rectangle or round pies

Rabottini’s Pizza opens this week for a long-term stay in Lower Allston. / Photos provided

A pop-up pizzeria fires things up this week in Lower Allston. Rabottini’s Pizza opens for dinner on Tuesday, June 26, and will continue serving up pies and more in Barry’s Corner through the fall.

Formerly Stone Hearth Pizza, Rabottini’s owner Dan Roberts took over the restaurant at the intersection of North Harvard Street and Western Avenue in the spring. It’s meant to still be a temporary home for the pop-up he started in 2016 at Bagelsaurus, but to give Roberts a chance to test out his concept on a scale larger than Friday-only slices in Porter Square, he says.

In addition to the rectangular pies it offered at Bagelsaurus, Rabottini’s is also doing 17-inch round pizzas in Allston—but only pies (and salads), no slices. Roberts hand-mixes his dough with organic flour, and when possible he sources other ingredients from local purveyors including Waltham Fields Community Farm, Maplebrook Farm dairy, and M.F. Dulock Pasture-Raised Meats.

Rabottini’s will also have three flavors of Gracie’s Ice Cream in the cooler. This week, it will be a few things currently available in the Somerville shop, but Roberts is working with Gracie’s on an exclusive flavor for the pizzeria, as well, he says.

Check out the debut menu below. It’s very focused to start: “We’ll be adding to it as we get a feel for volume and the crew gets our feet,” Roberts says. Guests can order pies and more to go, and phone orders might become possible in the future, he adds.

Also to come: Outdoor seating on a patio overlooking the 16-space parking lot. Rabottini’s is in a suddenly bustling neighborhood, also home to a relatively new Trader Joe’s, a modern Jewish deli and gin bar, and more.

Stay in the loop on Instagram for menu, ice cream, and patio updates. Rabottini’s is open five nights a week for dinner, from 5-10 p.m. every Tuesday-Saturday.

Rabottini’s Pizza, 182 Western Ave., Lower Allston,


Rabottini’s Pizza is made with certified organic flour and hand mixed by Dan every day.

18×12 “square” (yeah, we know it’s a rectangle) or 17″ round, same price

    Red sauce. whole milk mozzarella, Grana Padano, Pecorino Romano-$22
    Red Sauce, whole milk mozzarella, Ezzo’s pepperoni. Grana Padano. Pecorino Romano-$26
    Red sauce, whole milk mozzarella, house made Italian sausage, house pickled “sweet/hot” peppers, Grana Padano, Pecorino Romano-$28
    (White Pie) Olive oil, garlic, whole milk mozzarella, Maplebrook Farms ricotta, Grana Padano, Pecorino Romano, Seasonal greens: WFCF kale, chili flake, lemon-$26
    Red Sauce, whole milk mozzarella, cremini mushrooms, roasted scallions, sharp provolone-$26

Add these to a Plain pie, red or white:

  • Shaved red onions-$2.50
  • Cremini mushrooms-$2.50
  • Kalamata Olives-$3
  • Housemade pickled sweet/hot peppers
  • Maplebrook Farm Ricotta-$3
  • Housemade Italian Sausage-$4
  • Ezzo’s Peppperoni-$4


    Summercrisp lettuce, shaved radish, pea greens, Narragansett Creamery Feta, red wine vinaigrette-$10
  • JUNE
    Red leaf lettuce, pickled rhubarb, shaved beets, Grana Padano, champagne vinaigrette-$10


  • Cane sugar Coke
  • Cane sugar Sprite
  • Spindrift Seltzers-$3
  • Aquavitea Kombucha-$4


  • We’re scooping a rotating selection of Gracie’s Ice Cream. Ask about flavors!