Want Fries with That?

Slinging the perfect fast-food fry requires a surprising amount of finesse. We asked French-trained chef Peter Ungár, owner of Tasting Counter in Somerville, to rank four versions in a blind taste test.

Part of Everything New Under the Bun: A Guide to Burgers in Boston

Oozing melted cheese, the crunch of a fresh pickle, and perfectly charred patties inside a house-made roll—read on for more reasons the burger is king right now, and don’t forget to try every place on our list of the best burgers around Boston.

Photo by Tim Kennedy



As golden-brown as a Thanksgiving turkey, these spuds’ irregular shapes hint at their hand-cut bona fides. Bonus points for peels left on. “It adds texture and flavor,” Ungár says.
The bottom line
The clear frontrunner. “They taste the best, and they definitely seem less processed than the others.”


Tasty Burger’s fries will satisfy a latenight craving. But you might want to grab the salt shaker: Sometimes they can be a “bit bland.”
The bottom line
“A distant second place,” the chef says.


Plus one for a plush texture; minus one for an oily aftertaste. They’re “almost concession-stand-like,” Ungár says.
The bottom line
Middle of the pack. “These taste like they’re coming out of a bag, but look appealing.”


The Golden Arches came in last in Ungár’s blind sampling. Tasting notes? Limp and “pretty bland.”
The bottom line
“They’d be my last choice, but they’re ubiquitous and cheap,” the chef says.

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