Check Out These Upcoming Noodle Events in Boston

Warm up with special bowls of ramen, udon, and more creative comfort food.

As the winter chill sets in over Boston, local chefs are turning to the ultimate comfort food: A big bowl of steaming, slurpable noodles. From milestone events at local ramen shops, to creative noodle-soup specials that change every week, warm up with these noodle events in January and February.

Formula 1985 Ramen, a signature bowl at Tsurumen Davis.

Formula 1985 Ramen, a signature bowl at Tsurumen Davis. / Photo provided

200 Days of Tsurumen Davis

It’s been nearly 200 business days since Tsurumen opened in place of Snappy Ramen in Davis Square (after the latter moved a few doors away and rebranded as Snappy Kitchen). Chef Masuo Onishi is very aware of the milestone; in fact, the roaming ramen-maker will reassess his Boston business when it’s been open for 1,000 days. Things are looking good, per the restaurant’s Instagram: “We are proud to say that we have created a nice small family/community already within the Somerville and surrounding neighborhoods so far and we can’t wait to keep growing in the next 800 plus days!” Stay tuned to see what exactly Tsurumen Davis has planned for its 200-day celebration, but something tells us there will be noodles.

200 Days of Tsurumen Davis, Sunday, Jan. 20, noon-5 p.m., 420 Highland Ave., Somerville, 617-764-0588, Facebook.

Fat Baby Sunday Slurps noodles

Photo provided by Fat Baby

Sunday Slurps at Fat Baby

Wind down the week with a big bowl of noodles at this South Boston sushi bar. Fat Baby has porky tonkotsu ramen on its regular menu, but every Sunday night, chef de cuisine Brian Sacco adds to the mix something special to slurp. From a Thai coconut soup-inspired tom kha gai ramen to hot-and-sour udon noodles with braised pork spare ribs, the Sunday Slurps will rotate—and the team is open to suggestions for what flavor combinations people want to try.

Sunday Slurps, Sundays beginning at 5 p.m., 118 Dorchester St., South Boston, 617-766-3450, 617-766-3450,

Chef Matt Celeste launches Ramen Mondays at Island Creek Oyster Bar Burlington

Chef Matt Celeste launches Ramen Mondays at Island Creek Oyster Bar Burlington. / Photo by Emily Hagen

Ramen Monday at Island Creek Oyster Bar Burlington

Chef Matt Celeste is have fun with noodles every week at the suburban outpost of Island Creek Oyster Bar. Pop in Monday nights this winter, beginning at 5 p.m., to try the creative, seasonal interpretation of ramen he’s serving up that night. The weekly soup is $12.

Ramen Mondays (With Matty!), Mondays, January 7-March 18, beginning at 5 p.m., Island Creek Oyster Bar Burlington, 300 District Ave., Burlington, 781-761-6500,, Facebook.

"Ohana" Ramen, made for Oisa Ramen's anniversary by Momi Nonmi chef Chris Chung

“Ohana” Ramen, made for Oisa Ramen’s anniversary by Momi Nonmi chef Chris Chung. / Photo provided by Oisa Ramen

Oisa Ramen Anniversary Week

To celebrate the first year of her award-winning ramen shop, Oisa Ramen chef Moe Kuroki will return to her pop-up roots and cook a four-course, “Buta & Truffle” menu ($49) at Momi Nonmi on Monday night, Jan. 21. There are just a couple seats left for that reservation-only dinner at chef Chris Chung’s Hawaiian-inspired izakaya in Cambridge, but if you miss out, do not fret. Chung returns the favor by putting a special dish on Oisa Ramen’s a la carte menu for the week of January 21-26. His “Ohana” Ramen ($14) is Oisa’s tonkotsu broth, topped with Chung’s homemade “Spam,” kalua pork, and a side of Asian slaw. Plus, all week long, Momi Nonmi will have a special “Oisa” fried rice on offer in Cambridge. Chef Chung will be cooking at Oisa on the morning of January 21 to kick things off, and Kuroki joins the chef in Cambridge that night beginning at 5 p.m.

Oisa Ramen x Momi Nonmi collaboration, Monday, Jan. 21-26, Oisa Ramen, 1 3/4 Broad St., Boston,, Facebook.

Bibim Udon is a collaboration between Yume Ga Arukara and Perillas.

Bibim Udon is a collaboration between Yume Ga Arukara and Perillas. / Photo provided by Perillas

Yume Ga Arukara and Perillas Collaboration

A couple of buzzy new businesses are teaming up to serve a must-try noodle bowl on Sunday, Jan. 27, at Yume Ga Arukara. The Bon Appetit Hot 10 restaurant and Perillas, a Korean restaurant currently in-residence at Bow Market, have created “Bibim” Udon. The dish is a big bowl of Yume’s thick udon noodles, beef, and broth, topped with Perillas’ spicy kimchi cucumbers, pickled red radish, and an exclusive house-made gochujang sauce. “We wanted to bring communities together from Yume and Perillas. We also wanted to highlight the versatility of our flavors and ingredients,” says Perillas founder James Choi. Tickets to try the dish during the January 27 event must be purchased ahead of time, in-person at either Perillas or Yume Ga Arukara. They are $15, and a portion of sales will be donated to the Somerville Food Security Coalition.

Bibim Udon Collab Event, Sunday, Jan. 27, 11 a.m.-2:30 p.m., Yume Ga Arukara, 1815 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge,

Nightshade noodles

Nightshade noodles. / Photo provided

Hot Noods #IndustryNight

Chef Rachel Miller is focused on opening a brick-and-mortar Nightshade Noodle Bar on the North Shore, but that doesn’t mean her pop-up schedule is slowing down. In fact, the Vietnamese-inspired dinner series has several Boston-area events coming up, including a couple of February dates at Mamaleh’s. Nightshade is also serving up $10 takeout noodles this winter at Bow Market. Miller will take over the Buenas Maxi Kiosko stall select Monday nights to offer two noodle dishes that incorporate Buenas’ house-made, Latin-American-inspired sauces. Swing through to try Nightshade’s Banh Canh, a rich Vietnamese chicken soup with thick tapioca noodles and a scallion condiment made with the Buenas Pebre and lots of roasted garlic; or Mi Kho, an egg noodle dish (similar to lo mein) with confit beef and “chimi-chili crisp,” a blend of Buenas Chimichurri and Nightshade’s chili crisp. There will be gluten-free and vegetarian options. No tickets or reservations are required.

Hot Noods, Mondays, Jan. 28, Feb. 4, 18, 25, 7 p.m. until late (or sell-out), Buenas Maxi Kiosko, Bow Market, One Bow Market Way, Somerville, Instagram.

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