Craving Caviar? Here Are Four Boston Spots to Get Your Fix

Caviar—on pizza? These days, local chefs will put the delicacy on anything.

Photo by Michael Scelfo

Doughnut Holes at Waypoint

This coastal-oriented Cambridge restaurant serves up Belgian Siberian and Royal Osetra caviar for spooning on doughnut holes (pictured) with buttermilk crema.

Santarpio’s Pizza from East Boston Oysters

The creative pop-up East Boston Oysters delivers pies from Eastie’s legendarily frills-free pizza parlor directly to your door—then drapes them with bowfin roe.

Fried-Chicken Sandwiches at Trillium Brewing Company

Fans of Trillium’s craft suds swarm the new Fort Point brewpub for crispy chicken thighs topped with green-chili mayo, smoked cheddar, slaw, and, yes, caviar.

Okonomiyaki at Momi Nonmi

At this Inman izakaya, savory grilled pancakes are topped with four fish-egg types: Royal Belgian caviar, and roes of golden whitefish, capelin, and pollock.

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