Peregrine Is About to Nest on Beacon Hill

A culinary power couple spread their wings with a new Italian charmer.

Photo by Lizzy Barrett

Peregrine is about to land in Boston. The new Italian-islands-oriented restaurant from chef Josh Lewin and wine guru Katrina Jazayeri—the duo behind Juliet, Somerville’s winsome European-style café—takes culinary cues from everywhere its namesake falcon flies in the Boot-abutting Mediterranean, from Sardinia to Sicily. That translates to sfizi, roast-beef dinners, and molto pasta, including pappardelle with braised chicken and ricotta (pictured), plus vino from artisanal grower-producers. The project is a return migration for the lovebirds, who met when Lewin worked at Beacon Hill Hotel & Bistro. But Peregrine also means “pilgrim,” so the eatery at the new Whitney hotel aims to feel transportive, Lewin says. “We wanted to lean into that idea of traveling, and the hospitality we’ve encountered around the world.”

170 Charles St., Boston,