Fat Baby Bestows Unlimited Maki (and Karaoke) Tonight

The South Boston restaurant celebrates International Sushi Day with a big deal and boatload of tunes.

Celebrate International Sushi Day at Southie’s Fat Baby tonight. / Photo provided

It’s almost officially summer in Boston, which means the arrival of grilling season–and, soon enough, Fourth of July. But before you find yourself scarfing burnt hot dogs at a backyard cookout (or struggling to stomach oversized turkey legs at a local fair), celebrate a very different holiday by gorging on some much lighter, raw morsels: Today is International Sushi Day, according to whoever decides these things–and Southie’s Asian-fusion hotspot Fat Baby is throwing quite a banger.

From 5 p.m. ‘til 10 p.m., a mere $27 will grant you unlimited (yes, unlimited) maki. It’s an excellent opportunity to try some of the spot’s newest additions to its maki menu, including a tuna-and-lobster roll with seaweed salad, as well as a “Green Monster” of torched yellowtail, avocado, and spicy shiso. (Other new, non-sushi additions include pineapple-chili wings and waffle-fries covered in Sriracha cheese sauce.)

However, no sushi-themed party is complete without the charmingly off-key singing of your co-workers. So for the first time in Fat Baby’s history, The People’s Karaoke will roll up at 9:30 p.m. to deliver its signature brand of campy fun: Besides the expected hitlist of rock and pop tunes, their multi-language songbook even has an entire category dedicated to “TV Themes,” so you can show off those rapid-fire Fresh Prince of Bel-Air raps you’ve been practicing since, well, forever.

Microphone-shy? Fear not. Banish your stage fright with $5 shots of liquid courage, then soak everything up with special pu pu platters adorned with dumplings, skewers, ribs, and other pan-Asian creations. Going forward, Fat Baby plans to host a karaoke night at least once every month. But tonight’s karaoke kickoff will be your only chance to warble while downing all the maki you can handle–at least, until the next time International Sushi Day rolls around. Maki the most of it.

118 Dorchester St., Boston, 617-766-3450, fatbabysouthboston.com.