Chef Tiffani Faison Tackles Italian-American Food at Her New Fenway Restaurant, Orfano

This month, the food boss of the Fenway adds yet another cuisine to her empire.

Photo by Nina Gallant

She’s conquered barbecue with Sweet Cheeks Q, Southeast-Asian cuisine with Tiger Mama, and cocktails and finger foods with Fool’s Errand. And for her fourth Fenway-area restaurant, Orfano, opening at 5 p.m. on August 26, star chef Tiffani Faison tackles yet another genre, interpreting Goodfellas-style Italian-American cuisine as one of Boston’s most formidable female restaurateurs. “It’s kind of reversing the trope—if the women were gangsters, not just the nonnas all the time,” she explains. The result: a 100-seat space inside the cloud-cutting Pierce Boston tower where a roving martini cart will shake cocktails at tables packed with dry-aged steaks, house-made pastas, and stuffed clams to feed your personal Rat Pack. Faison, who road-tripped around the Boot as research, promises a menu that will mainly “pull apart the classics and put them back together” in elevated ways. “The goal is the most delicious food we can make through rose-colored Italian-American glasses,” she says.

1391 Boylston St., Boston,