Notable Bostonians Dish on the Local Restaurants They Crave during the COVID Shutdown

Stars, they're just like us: Stuck cooking at home. Here's where they'll eat once we're out.

While more local restaurants are reopening every day for takeout, dining rooms remain closed as we enter the umpteenth week of Massachusetts’ stay-at-home order. Boston’s celebrities are doing their part to limit unnecessary trips and stop the spread of COVID-19—and like the rest of us, they’re missing many facets of life that seem indefinitely on hold, like going out for drinks, sushi, or ice cream with family and friends. We caught up with a few notable Bostonians, from Dropkick Murphys frontman Ken Casey to Sen. Elizabeth Warren, to discover what local restaurants these celebs are missing right now. Oh, and if the spot they crave is open for takeout, we’ve made note of it—so that they, and you, can still get a taste.

ken casey dropkick murphys

Ken Casey seated at Lower Mills Tavern, one of several Boston restaurants the Dropkick Murphy frontman co-owns. / Photo by P.J. Couture

Ken Casey

Dropkick Murphys frontman, restaurant owner

I would give my right arm for Massimino’s fried Artichokes and some chicken Parm right now.

Massimino’s is open daily for pickup and delivery. 207 Endicott St., North End, Boston, 617-523-5959,

Taniya Nayak. / Photo by Magdalena M.

Taniya Nayak

Interior architect, HGTV and Food Network personality, restaurant owner

I can’t wait for my favorite sushi from Fuji WoC in Quincy—specifically, the Siren’s Kiss and 24 Karat Maki. And as for drinks, I love sitting at the bar at Bar Mezzana sipping on any of their fresh concoctions while noshing one of their perfectly perfect crudos.

Lamont Price Photo by Brian Feulner

Lamont Price. / Photo by Brian Feulner

Lamont Price


Money’s kind of at a premium, so I’ll get supermarket stuff and then I’ll just cook. But, places I can’t wait to go once we can go out again: My favorite Chinese food spot is New Hong Kong. They’re amazing. I need chicken fingers from two places: Little Pizza King in Brighton Center, and Ma Magoo’s in Cambridge. I look forward to that. I also want a burrito from El Triunfo in the South End. Double steak. I need it in my life. I’m going to be 870 pounds when this lifts, because I’m going everywhere. I also want grilled cheese and video games at A4cade. Next time I get to perform live at the Comedy Studio, I’m going down to my buddy Louis DiBiccari’s place in Bow Market, Create Gallery and Cocktail Lounge, too. I’m looking forward to hitting these haunts again. I’m a big nerd when it comes to slush. I was Googling slushes last week; this is what I’ve become. I saw a slush I didn’t know McDonald’s had last summer, Minute Maid slushies. It was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I ended up hitting a supermarket and getting some Minute Maid fruit punch so I can make my own slushie at home, but I want to see if they’re gonna do that again. I also want to go out to Everett and go to Richie’s. I have the taste buds of a 13-year-old and I can’t wait to get back in the streets and continue.

New Hong Kong is open daily for takeout and delivery. 14 Tremont St., Brighton, 617-783-3236,
Little Pizza King is open daily for takeout and delivery. 389 Washington St., Brighton, 617-787-7800,
Ma Magoo’s is open Tuesday-Sunday for takeout and delivery. 6 Concord Lane, Cambridge, 617-354-9139,
El Triunfo is open daily for takeout and delivery. 147 E Berkeley St., South End, Boston, 617-542-8499,
Richie’s is open Monday-Friday for takeout and delivery. 3 Garvey St., Everett, 617-387-3188,

Photo by Brian Desimone

Dan Souza

Editor-in-Chief of Cook’s Illustrated, America’s Test Kitchen cast member

I’ve been making sandwiches at home to get me through busy weekdays, but nothing compares to Cutty’s. I’m really looking forward to a Roast Beef 1000 or (and?) a Greens Bacon sandwich and a limeade. The good news is that they are currently selling gift cards—a great way to support them while giving yourself something to look forward to.

I could really go for a G&G (lox, tomato, red onions, capers) from Exodus Bagels, or a salt bagel with a schmear of cream cheese, a coffee, and a long weekend walk.

I can’t wait for the evening that I get to walk back into Pammy’s, Cambridge’s coziest, most welcoming dining room with some friends and fill the table with half the menu (including all of the handmade pastas) and some lovely bottles of wine.

This is no time for being picky—I’d go for a visit to any Trillium location for beers and some much needed people watching.

I’ve been dreaming about returning to Phở 2000 Restaurant with a crew for their famous fried-then-grilled catfish served with stacks of rice paper wrappers and mounded platters of fresh herbs.

Pammy’s is open Tuesday-Saturday for takeout. 928 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, 617-945-1761,
Trillium Canton is open daily for curbside beer pickup and delivery. 110 Shawmut Rd., Canton, 781-562-0073,
Phở 2000 Restaurant is open for takeout. 198 Adams St., Dorchester, 617-436-1908,

Maria Stephanos. / WCVB staff photo by Faith Ninivaggi

Maria Stephanos

WCVB NewsCenter 5 anchor

One of the best things in the world is standing in line, for however long it takes, at any of our ice cream stands in Massachusetts. Pick any one of them. As a kid growing up, my first ice cream was at Carter’s and we go to this day. Crescent Ridge is another favorite and Richardson’s is always on the list. But it’s [really about] the experience of being outside, being with people, changing your mind a hundred times before you order and then not even making it one step without diving into that ice cream. I know we won’t be able to stand next to each other and the experience will change, but we are New Englanders—we will find a safe way to cherish that tradition again!

Carter’s Ice Cream is open daily for packaged ice cream to go. 534 Salem St., Haverhill, 978-469-8343, Facebook.
Crescent Ridge Dairy Bar is open Tuesday-Saturday for packaged ice cream and groceries to go. 407 Bay Rd., Sharon, 781-784-2740,
Richardson’s Ice Cream is open daily for packaged ice cream and groceries to go. 156 South Main St. (Rte 114), Middleton, 978-774-5450,

Elizabeth Warren, United States senator from Massachusetts. / AP Photo/Carlos Giusti

Senator Elizabeth Warren

U.S. Senator

I’m working with my colleagues in Congress and leaders and constituents in Massachusetts to stop coronavirus dead in its tracks, save livelihoods, and save lives. We will get through this together. Once we do, I can’t wait to stop by The Abbey, grab a root beer at Olde Forge in the Berkshires, and eat some delicious pies from Marion’s on the Cape.

The Abbey is open Tuesdays and Fridays in Brookline, and Wednesdays and Saturdays in Cambridge, for takeout and delivery. 1657 Beacon St., Washington Square, Brookline, 617-730-8040; 1755 Massachusetts Ave., Porter Square Cambridge, 617-714-4944,
Olde Forge Restaurant is open Wednesday-Sunday for takeout. 125 North Main St., Lanesborough, 413-442-6797,
Marion’s Pie Shop is open Tuesday-Sunday for takeout. 2022 Main St., Chatham, 508-432-9439,