Where to Find the Best Bagels in Boston Right Now

Whether they're onion, garlic, or Cajun-spice flavored, these fresh-baked bagels are everything.

Woo, boy. When it comes to bagels, people have mighty strong opinions (especially all the NYC expats in your life). Few other foodstuffs generate such impassioned takes, though pizza is probably a close second. Curating a list of Boston’s best bagel shops, then, is biting off more than most would try to chew. And yet, we’ll bravely state a claim about the bakers below: Whether you want a classic onion ring topped with lox and capers or a more contemporary iteration, like Cajun spice smeared with jalapeño cream cheese, their bagels are everything.

This guide was last updated in July 2021; watch for periodic updates.

The Bagel Table lox breakfast sandwich

Bagels and breakfast sandwiches are headed for the Boston Landing development in Brighton. / Photos courtesy of the Bagel Table

The Bagel Table

The Bagel Table started as a pop-up operation about six years ago, and now the growing mini-chain is popping up brick-and-mortar stores all over the Boston area. Originally known by the appropriately excitable name OMG! Bagels, the outfit set up its first permanent location at the Street, an open-air retail development in Chestnut Hill; outposts in Brighton and several west-of-Boston suburbs followed. No matter which address you visit, though, the bagel selection includes the signature “Chestnut Hill” bagel, a nod to the mothership that is made with challah dough.

Multiple locations, mybageltable.com.

Bagelsaurus / Photograph by Marian Siljeholm


In the pre-COVID era, Mary Ting Hyatt’s Cambridge bagel shop had such a monster-sized following that there were lines out the door. Now, though, an online ordering system helps to care of those queues. Just give Hyatt a heads up online, and you can swing over to snag your favorite slow-fermented bagels—sea salt, cinnamon raisin, and black olive, among others—smeared with cream cheeses such as honey-rosemary and spicy pepper.

1796 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, 857-285-6103, bagelsaurus.com.

Be Okay Bagels

A pandemic-time passion project has turned into a new bagel business for Sasha Moraski, former baker at Jamaica Plain’s terrific tapas spot Tres Gatos. Our weekend mornings are made even more soothing by her Be Okay Bagels, all handcrafted and made fresh for fans who get in their preorders ahead of Saturday and Sunday pickups (there’s limited delivery available, too). You’ll snag bagel flavors like French onion soup and rosemary sea salt, as well as roasted leek cream cheese and other spreads, from the J.P. address that was home to Tres Gatos’s sibling diner, Little Dipper. The space now serves as a home base for two pop-ups: Be Okay Bagels and the also-awesome Comfort Kitchen, which serves cuisines of the African diaspora.

Beokaybagels.com; pickup at 669A Centre St., Jamaica Plain. 

Better Bagels. / Photo via Facebook

Better Bagels

With a bold name like this, a bagel joint better deliver the goods. Better definitely does—in fact, its New York-style bagels are served by a handful of area cafes and restaurants, including American Provisions in Southie and Saltie Girl, which just so happens to be the Back Bay’s best restaurant at the moment. Better Bagels’s Seaport HQ, though, should be your daily destination for fresh-baked bagels that are covered in cream cheese or used for sandwiches loaded with pastrami, smoked turkey, and a certain New Jersey delicacy: pork roll.

83a Seaport Ave., Boston, 857-317-4147, betterbagelsboston.com.

Black Sheep Bagel Cafe Cambridge bagel sandwiches and coffee

/ Photo courtesy of Black Sheep Bagel Cafe

Black Sheep Bagel Café

First things first: Props to Black Sheep, which has a main cafe in Harvard Square and ancillary market in Cambridgeport, for amusingly referring to itself as a “maaa and paaa” shop within the flock of corporate chains that increasingly dominate city streets. More importantly, though, its bagels are bomb—and come in creative iterations like blueberry and Cajun spice, brushed with jalapeño cream cheese, pesto, labne, and other spreads. Wash it down with Massachusetts-roasted Rao’s Coffee, perhaps in the form of a sweetened, Caribbean-style café con leche.

56 John F Kennedy St., Cambridge, 617-945-2189; 101 Magazine St., Cambridge, 617 -945-1156, blacksheepbagelcafe.com.

Davis Square Donuts & Bagels

Whether you crave something sweet or salty, this Somerville spot has you covered. Here you’ll find decadent donuts like the Somerville Cream, which invokes strawberry cream cheese whipped with marshmallow Fluff (the latter was invented in Somerville over 100 years ago). But you’ll also find plenty of poppy seed, asiago, and other bagels served solo or as sandwiches like the Steak Bomb, a meaty option stuffed with peppers and onions.

377 Summer St., Somerville, 617-764-0631, davissquaredonutsandbagels.com.

Exodus Bagels

Exodus bagels. / Photo provided


Get thee to Roslindale when you need to stock up for bagel-based breakfasts at home. Exodus, which first built a cult following for its cold-fermented bagels via farmer’s market appearances, now offers baker’s-choice bags by the dozen and half-dozen; you can pick them up from the Rozzie kitchen facility on Thursdays through Sundays. Don’t forget to add spreads like Sriracha cream cheese, as well as “deli sides” like cold-smoked salmon and whitefish salad.

2 McCraw St., Roslindale, 617-323-3354, exodusbagels.com.

Goldilox Bagels

/ Photo via Goldilox Bagels/Facebook

Goldilox Bagels

When it comes to grading bagels, the crunch-to-chew ratio is one of the most important factors to consider. Luckily Goldilox, as you might expect, gets the balance juuuuust right with its house-made creations. The rosemary-salt, cinnamon raisin, and various other offerings can be pre-ordered all week for Friday-through-Sunday pickups, with walkups welcome too. —and you can always add an extra dollar or two to benefit the Lox Love program, which sends donations to weekly-changing nonprofits like Rosie’s Place, a pioneering women’s shelter in Boston’s South End. Bonus: Gluten-free bagels and vegan cream cheese is available for those with allergies.

186 Winthrop St., Medford, goldiloxbagels.com.

Pizza bagels at Katz Bagel Bakery in Chelsea. Photo by Chelsea Kyle

Katz Bagel Bakery

Katz has a few claims to fame. For one, it purports to be the place that invented the pizza bagel (although there’s actually an East Coast-West Coast feud about the snack’s origins). Owner Richard Katz also says that he trained the baker who opened the first bagel shop in China (you can find that story here). But whatever big boasts the place makes, here’s one comparatively humble fact we know to be true: Katz, founded in 1938, is a local icon with a long history and a legendary knack for making amazing, straightforward bagels and schmears.

139 Park St., Chelsea, 617-884-9738, katzbagels.com.

Kupel’s Bakery

Here’s another old-school landmark—even if its 1978 founding is relatively recent, compared to Katz. Kupel’s, a beloved and family-run Brookline bagel maker, is known for the consistency with which it turns out its all-Kosher parve creations. Garlic, pumpernickel, and sissel rye varieties are all stellar, though honestly, the perfect plain bagel might be Kupel’s best canvas for painting with chive, green olive, and lox-and-scallion cream cheeses.

421 Harvard St., Brookline, 617-566-9528, kupelsbakery.com.

Levend Bagelry. / Photo provided.

Levend Bagelry

You can taste the time (48 hours, to be exact) that goes into baker Alex Jong’s sourdough creations, sold from Levend’s space at the Boston Public Market. His crunchy-chewy bagels come in flavors like poppy and herb cheddar, and with spreads like maple walnut, house made pesto, and honey butter made with sweet stuff from market neighbor Boston Honey Co. Best of all, they come as both egg sandwiches and pizza bagels—all day long. That’s great news for those of us who like a mini-pizza before noon.

100 Hanover St. (Boston Public Market), Boston, 617-945-6123, levendbagelry.com.

Local 338 Bagels & Coffee

Anyone who says you can’t get a NYC bagel in Boston is lying. Because this outfit in West Roxbury, named for the Big Apple’s former bagel-baker union, uses bagels that are basically made in New York; they’re frozen and simply finished off here in the Hub. Whether or not you can taste the difference, they’re delicious—especially when covered with bacon-horseradish or honey-walnut cream cheese, or used for sandwiches like the Mona Lisa, a breakfast delight with tomato, pesto, and balsamic reduction that’ll leave you smiling.

1727 Centre St., West Roxbury, 857-203-9770, local338bagelsandcoffee.com.

Rosenfeld’s Bagels

A Newton institution for more than 45 years, Rosenfeld’s was born when its eponymous founder decided to trade a career in law for a career in bagel-baking. We are so, so glad he did. Mark Rosenfeld still offers some of the best old-fashioned iterations —like everything, onion, and garlic—that are made with a smidge of malt syrup for trademark sweetness. You’ll also find other house-baked breads like bialy, tasty spreads, and smoked fish available for in-store purchase or curbside pickup.

1280 Centre St., Newton, 617-527-8080, rosenfeldsbagels.com.

Turenne Bagels

People have very, very strong opinions about “New York-style bagels” being the gold standard. But turn your attention north, if you please, and consider the Montreal-style bagel—a wood-fired variety you can now find at Somerville’s Turenne Bagels. Chef Tim Wiechmann came up with the French-Canadian notion, baking them with the same oven at his restaurant T&B Wood-Fired that he uses to make pizzas at night. Turenne’s small-batch bagels—which are a little slimmer, crunchier, and sweetened (with honey) than NYC ones—can be ordered for pickup Wednesdays through Sundays in flavors like poppy and pretzel Everything, and with toppings like kielbasa, smoked gouda, and maple syrup with bacon cream cheese.

251 Washington St., Somerville, 617-764-4054, turennebagels.com.