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Five Japanese Robata-Grilled Plates to Try Right Now

Say goodbye to boring backyard cookouts and hello to Japanese robata grilling, a slow-and-smokeless approach that’s hotter than ever in Boston.

Tapestry Expo Kitchen. / Photos provided
Restaurant Closings

Tapestry Restaurant Will Close After Three Years in the Fenway


Brian Mercury Is Puritan & Co.'s New Chief Pastry Chef

Restaurant Openings

Tiffani Faison Tackles Italian-American Food at Orfano

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Le Grrrr

With the exception of chopsticks, we generally don’t give a whole lot of thought to utensils, or how well they bridge that whole plate-to-mouth gap. […]


Chow Main

Porter Square isn’t known as a foodie destination, but it does boast one of my favorite Chinese takeout spots, Qingdao Garden. The restaurant is named […]

Wild Things

Whenever we find ourselves in rural Ohio, as we did this past holiday weekend, we’re reminded of just how good we Bostonians have it. Much […]


Puff Love

This time of year, it’s not unusual for certain foods to keep cropping up on the Chowder radar: Champagne. Cookies. Chocolate. But lately we’re starting […]


Factcheckers Confirm Eastern Standard Still Good

Factcheckers are a notoriously uptight lot, and it’s no different here at Boston. As the magazine’s research editors, Francis Storrs, Rebecca Dorr, and I do […]

The Weather May be Frightful, but the Cookies are Delightful

Last weekend’s snowstorm may have wreaked havoc with my tightly-packed holiday schedule, but it did have an upside. Being snowed in gave me an opportunity […]

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50 Best Restaurants

50 Best Restaurants

An updated list of the top 50 restaurants in town that make Boston a true dining destination. These are the best places to eat in the city right now.


Feeding the Beast

I’ve never been much of what you might call a provider. Though proven capable of keeping plants watered (mostly), pets sated, and cars fueled, I […]


Navigating the Brunch Wars

Somerville’s Ball Square has long been prime breakfast and coffee territory. There’s java mecca True Grounds, old-school Kelly’s Diner, and the cute Broken Yolk. But […]

House Proud

It has become an annual tradition in the Chowder household to build a gingerbread building. Not a little cottage or an A-frame chalet, but something […]


Raw Deal

“Did you hear there’s a raw food restaurant coming to the North End? Ugh.” So shuddered my friend, the food snob. She was talking about […]


Dining with Dorm-Dwellers

A couple of weeks ago, I was out running errands with a friend and decided to grab a late lunch at UBurger. It was around […]

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Restaurant News

Restaurant News

Where to eat right now.


Notes on a Sandal

You’ve had tacos, tamales, pupusas, arepas…but have you ever had a huarache? That was my pick for dinner the other night at Tacos Lupita, the […]

In Praise of Market Basket

Some of the greatest food pleasures can also be the most inexpensive. There’s nothing better on a Sunday than reading the paper over at a […]


Grape Expectations

The cost of European wine is about to go up, according to a story in this morning’s New York Times. The dollar is weak, the […]


Sir Newton

Jeff Fournier is a busy guy. The young chef/owner of 51 Lincoln in Newton Highlands recently inked two significant deals on new projects; expect to […]

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