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The Meal Plan: Your Day-by-Day Guide to What to Eat and Drink in Boston This Week

Overwhelmed by the question, “What should I eat tonight?” Consult our weekly look at new restaurant openings, clever takeout packages, and more.


Where to Find the Best Pot Pies around Boston

Restaurant Closings

Without Aid, an “Extinction” Level Event Is Coming for Boston Restaurants This Winter


Behind the Mask of the Phantom Gourmet

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Chow Main

Porter Square isn’t known as a foodie destination, but it does boast one of my favorite Chinese takeout spots, Qingdao Garden. The restaurant is named […]

Wild Things

Whenever we find ourselves in rural Ohio, as we did this past holiday weekend, we’re reminded of just how good we Bostonians have it. Much […]


Puff Love

This time of year, it’s not unusual for certain foods to keep cropping up on the Chowder radar: Champagne. Cookies. Chocolate. But lately we’re starting […]


Factcheckers Confirm Eastern Standard Still Good

Factcheckers are a notoriously uptight lot, and it’s no different here at Boston. As the magazine’s research editors, Francis Storrs, Rebecca Dorr, and I do […]

The Weather May be Frightful, but the Cookies are Delightful

Last weekend’s snowstorm may have wreaked havoc with my tightly-packed holiday schedule, but it did have an upside. Being snowed in gave me an opportunity […]


Feeding the Beast

I’ve never been much of what you might call a provider. Though proven capable of keeping plants watered (mostly), pets sated, and cars fueled, I […]

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50 Best Restaurants

50 Best Restaurants

An updated list of the top 50 restaurants in town that make Boston a true dining destination. These are the best places to eat in the city right now.


Navigating the Brunch Wars

Somerville’s Ball Square has long been prime breakfast and coffee territory. There’s java mecca True Grounds, old-school Kelly’s Diner, and the cute Broken Yolk. But […]

House Proud

It has become an annual tradition in the Chowder household to build a gingerbread building. Not a little cottage or an A-frame chalet, but something […]


Raw Deal

“Did you hear there’s a raw food restaurant coming to the North End? Ugh.” So shuddered my friend, the food snob. She was talking about […]


Dining with Dorm-Dwellers

A couple of weeks ago, I was out running errands with a friend and decided to grab a late lunch at UBurger. It was around […]


Notes on a Sandal

You’ve had tacos, tamales, pupusas, arepas…but have you ever had a huarache? That was my pick for dinner the other night at Tacos Lupita, the […]

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Restaurant News

Restaurant News

Where to eat right now.

In Praise of Market Basket

Some of the greatest food pleasures can also be the most inexpensive. There’s nothing better on a Sunday than reading the paper over at a […]


Grape Expectations

The cost of European wine is about to go up, according to a story in this morning’s New York Times. The dollar is weak, the […]


Sir Newton

Jeff Fournier is a busy guy. The young chef/owner of 51 Lincoln in Newton Highlands recently inked two significant deals on new projects; expect to […]

Introducing Chowder, and Pomelo

Welcome to the inaugural post of Chowder, Boston magazine’s new daily food blog, where we’ll share our favorite food finds, restaurant news, advice on where […]

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