Roche Bros.

Rick and Ed - Weston Front (preferred)

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Roche Bros., is a Wellesley based supermarket operating 20 markets employing over 4,300 associates. The company offers quality perishables and groceries, catering, and home delivery. Ed and Rick Roche are the company’s owners.

What family members started this business and how did you first get involved?
We’re the second generation of the company, which was started by our father and uncle in 1952. They originally worked for other food retailers and thought they could create a better business. We both started working for the company when we were very young doing everything from cleaning to bagging.

Have you ever encountered any challenges in your family business?
Yes, like every business we have faced some challenges over the years. We concentrate on our strengths and try not to get dragged into price battles. We have always distinguished ourselves through service, quality, and cleanliness. Our staff members also believe in, and are committed to, upholding these values.

What’s the best advice that someone in your family offered you?
In a nutshell, treat others how you want to be treated yourself. That’s the best wayto ensure you’re always doing right by your customers and staying true to your mission.


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