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3 Easy Ways to Fight Female Hair Loss

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If you’re dealing with female hair loss, you’re not alone. While thinning hair and baldness is more widely expected and accepted in men, hair loss affects up to 50 percent of women during their lifetime. The problem is real, but due to the surrounding stigma, nobody is talking about it.

Don’t let embarrassment hold you back from seeking the help you need. Here are three easy and nonsurgical solutions to fighting female hair loss with Medi Tresse.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

Since 2004, PRP therapy has been used to improve hair health and help regrow hair for patients suffering from Androgenic Alopecia (Female Pattern Hair Loss), Alopecia Areata, and Traction Alopecia. The therapy isolates the platelet rich portion of your blood to concentrate natural growth factors and stem cells to 10 times greater than normal. PRP stimulates new hair growth by reactivating dormant follicles and healing the follicle at a cellular level for healthier, thicker hair.

“Applying Rogaine daily to my scalp for the rest of my life was not an option I could live with,” says Carol T., a Medi Tresse patient. “I had heard about PRP treatments from friends. It was important to me that I receive treatment from medical professionals and I’m very happy with the results.”

Carol T. // Photo credit: Medi Tresse

Treatments take less than one hour and are performed right in the office. The experts at Medi Tresse take a small amount of your blood, isolate the platelets and growth factors, then place those concentrated elements into your scalp to start the regrowth process. A total of three treatments is recommended with one treatment per month. Patients typically see initial results within three to six months and maximum benefit after one full year, but many see new growth much sooner.

“After approximately eight months, my hair’s appearance had improved considerably,” says Jeanne M., another Medi Tresse patient who opted for PRP therapy. “The results are so positive and affirming, I wish I had done it sooner.”

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

Another effective nonsurgical treatment for hair loss is LLLT, which works best for Female Pattern Hair Loss, Traction Alopecia, and Telogen Effluvium. LLLT stimulates the hair follicle cells to grow in the scalp and increases cellular activity around the follicle, decreasing inflammation so existing hairs can grow thicker and stronger. While the word “laser” may turn some patients off, the treatment is extremely safe and FDA Cleared for the treatment of female pattern hair loss. The cold-beam laser eliminates the risk of burning the skin.

Jane G. was referred by a nurse at Massachusetts General Hospital to Medi Tresse for her hair loss treatment. After a comprehensive medical evaluation and scalp biopsy, Jane was told that PRP therapy wasn’t a viable solution for her due to autoimmune medical conditions. She was given a choice of three LLLT products to be worn at home: the HairMax LaserBand 82, a Tresse 272 laser cap, or the LaserCap.

Jane G. // Photo credit: Medi Tresse

“LaserCap is worn thirty minutes every other day,” says Jane. “It’s really simple and easy to use since I can eat, walk around, and do light chores while wearing the baseball cap style.”

Results aren’t typically expected until after 60 days or up to one year of use, but Jane was pleasantly surprised to notice new hair growth early.

“I had amazing results within three months,” she says. “I was delighted in my improvement in such a short time period. I was able to stop wearing an uncomfortable wig and began feeling much more confident about my appearance.”

Topical Products

Some of the easiest treatments for hair growth are topical hair loss products. Perfect for thinning hair without disrupting your everyday routine, Medi Tresse offers Tricomin products that use copper peptides in shampoo, conditioner, and spray to stimulate hair growth. Infinity Hair Building Fibers provide patients with immediate results to mask thinning hair because the fibers cling to existing hairs and create a fuller surface appearance. Formula 82M is a prescription Minoxidil-based topical solution that helps decrease inflammation and is less greasy compared to over-the-counter Minoxidil. Formula 82M can be used with other treatments; Jane used both Formula 82M and Visiscal Professional hair vitamins in conjunction with her LLLT.

Whether you’re seeking PRP therapy, LLLT, or topical products, let the all-female staff of medical professionals at Medi Tresse guide you on your journey to thicker and healthier hair.

“I want to age with grace and this process is helping me do so,” says Jeanne. “Every day, I’m grateful for what Medi Tresse helped me achieve.”

Jeanne M. // Photo credit: Medi Tresse

For more information on female hair loss and nonsurgical treatment options, visit meditresse.com.