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4 Chic Hairstyles for Refreshing Your Look This Fall

Switching up your style this season doesn’t require a hair overhaul. A simple mini-makeover can go a long way to helping you boldly flaunt your locks this autumn. Take it from the expert designers at Salon Eva Michelle who know a thing or two about the coolest fall cuts, from the runways to Instagram. Here’s what they say are the most popular fall hair trends to look out for.

Hair by Salon Eva Michelle Advanced Designer Bryant Anthony

Beach Waves to Fall Shades

“Fall is about letting go! Say goodbye to the beach waves and hello to fresh sleek shine,” says advanced designer Bryant Anthony. “Put the curling iron down and bring out that flat iron. Pair this style with a sophisticated blunt haircut with lots of texture to still have movement. Autumn is here and, let’s face it, we’re not getting those rays to give us the glow that we need. Enhance your glow by warming up with warm tones: golds, coppers, red tones, and warm browns!

Hair by Salon Eva Michelle Master Designer and Co-Founder Eva Mustafai

Bold Bobs

“This color was inspired by the colors of fall and the cool fall breeze in Boston,” says master designer and co-founder Eva Mustafi. “We used violet and brown tones. Remember, just because summer is over doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to highlights, just tone them down! The bob gives off an airy, light movement that looks beautiful with a little wind in the hair.”

Hair by Salon Eva Michelle Artistic Designer Gareth Ward

Pixie Perfect

Blondes aren’t just for summer,” says artistic designer Gareth Ward. “This cool blonde color was made to stand apart from the warm-toned brunettes this season. When we cut the hair, we wanted something edgy and unforgettable. Inspired by the shedding leaves in autumn, we shed those summer waves and created a unique cut.”

Hair by Salon Eva Michelle Advanced Designer Charlie Gouveia

Beautiful Blonde

We chose a soft beige color as it would be a simple transition color, just like the seasonal change,” says advanced designer Charlie Gouveia. “You may want to move to a gold blonde or deepen her color as the winter comes. With the soft beige, we are ready to change up the color any time. Adding extensions in creates a fuller, thicker look not possible in the summer months. Summer kept us wearing our hair up and out of our face, but with the fall here we can have long, healthy looking hair!”

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