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4 Simple Ways to Dress More Confidently at Work

Whether you already wear a suit most days for work, or are starting a new job that requires you to buy your very first one, being strategic when building your work wardrobe will pay off in the long run.

Some suits are versatile must-haves that will give you a huge return on your investment. Others are nice-to-haves that can quickly help add diversity to a growing suit collection of classic colors and fabrics.

The following four tips will help you shop wisely and with confidence.

  1. Build Your Base

Charcoal and navy belong in every man’s wardrobe. Both colors are versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on your needs, so they’ll definitely see the most wear of all the suits in your closet.

Charcoal is technically a neutral, so it offers slightly more styling options in terms of color combinations and accessories whereas a nay suit is a classic and a popular first.

But the choice ultimately comes down to preference, so pick the one you like best and wear with confidence. Or get both and instantly have a suit for any possible occasion.

  1. Top Up

You can never have too many white button-up shirts. You could wear one every single day, so having a few on hand will make dressing in the morning quick and easy. Invest in wrinkle-free tailored shirts to make sure they fit your body type and look crisp and professional without all the endless ironing.

Light blue shirts are the other reliable go-to that can easily be worn with nearly any suit, and in any situation. The light blue oxford is a real wardrobe workhorse, matching easily with suits, denim, or chinos.

  1. Expand Your Options

The best way to get more mileage from your wardrobe is to invest in suit separates. Pants, jackets, and vests that can be woven with your existing clothing will make you feel like you have 10 new outfits when you’ve really just bought one. Wear a suit jacket with denim, or pair a light-colored jacket with darker pants—mixing and matching will immediately bring new life to your look.

It’s also a great way to capitalize on seasonal trends in fabrics and colors. This winter, integrate corduroy or flannel wool separates into your rotation for an easy and fashionable update.

  1. Finishing Touches

For even the extreme minimalist, there are still a few accessories that every man needs in order to consider their wardrobe complete. Ties and pocket squares can sometimes be forgotten or overlooked, but when styled right, they’re what bring your look together in a way that is uniquely you.

Don’t be afraid of patterns. If you’re hesitant, start small with a striped tie or gingham pocket square—just remember, when wearing more than one pattern (like a striped suit with a plaid tie), make sure one pattern is smaller in scale than the other so they don’t compete.

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