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5 Culinary Treasures Worth A Drive To Nantasket

For coastal New Englanders, everyday’s a potential beach day. And with the South Shore’s hidden pearl, Bridgeman’s Restaurant (soon to be re-named Rinato) – serving inventive, Tuscan-inspired delights – a drive to the Atlantic won’t need much coaxing.

That’s because Hull’s casual fine dining experience is set on breathtaking Nantasket Beach, where patrons indulge in authentic Northern Italian cuisine fused with locally-grown produce, beef, lamb and poultry delivered daily. And, we can’t forget the premium bounty of incredibly fresh seafood caught from the very ocean your table is nestled near!

Whether you sit on the spacious, outdoor seasonal patio complete with fireplace or enjoy the casual ambiance and open, theater-style kitchen inside, pull up a chair and taste these mouthwatering jaw-droppers teeming with impressive flavor.

These Bridgeman’s Bistro Dishes Served By The Sea Could Launch A Thousand Ships:

  1. Risottos

Cooking competition shows like Hell’s Kitchen almost always include a risotto challenge to separate the amateurs from the pros. And with this delicate rice-based staple of Northern Italy requiring such an intense labor of love, we can see why.

That’s why we’re starting the top of this list with Bridgeman’s crowning achievement – their brilliant variations of perfectly creamy risottos that Gordon Ramsey himself would be proud of (not to mention your Italian nana!).

With Tuscan flavors and regional ingredients blended to create risottos ranging from slightly al dente lobster, roasted sweet corn, bright earthly beets, fragrant truffles and locally foraged mushrooms, you won’t overlook the masterful preparation of your dish as you dine overlooking the water.

  1. Scallops

 Speaking of stellar risottos, try Bridgeman’s perfectly seared scallops – blended with cosmic proportions of delectable flavor.

Served atop fire-roasted sweet corn risotto and drizzled with blood orange gastrique (to accent the creaminess of the corn and mild sweetness of the scallops) this artful entree is even better when paired with a fantastic glass of Trebbiano d’Arbuzzo wine, for the right balance of succulent and sweet. Salud!

  1. Wood Grilled Cowboy Steak

 Feel at home on the range and order the Wood Grilled Cowboy Steak – a fine steakhouse-quality dish fit for the most rugged of appetites!

Grilled to perfection in Bridgeman’s wood-fired grill, these Flintstones-sized steaks are the bistro’s enticing version of the famous Tuscan dish, Bistecca alla Fiorentina. Prepared simply so as to focus on the tender, juicy flavor of the meat, this favorite dish is plated with divine garlic smashed fingerling potatoes for those craving a hearty, classic dining affair.

  1. Wood Grilled Duck

 The way Bridgeman’s artisan chefs prepare this duck recipe, it’s no wonder a remarkably smoky flavor and crisp, savory skin is the magnificent outcome.

Served perfectly medium rare for the best texture and flavor profile, the well-seasoned duck is lightly doused in sweet fig and mascarpone raviolis. Then, it’s finished with a delightful balsamic and cherry glaze for a light, tart taste that’ll satisfy any craving.

  1. Pastry Chef Hugo’s Desserts

 We’d usually thank readers for making it this far down a list, but with a menu this tasty who wouldn’t stay for dessert?

Bridgeman’s pastry connoisseur, Chef Hugo is who we’d really like to thank – for his Pinot noir infused beignets, Boston crème bombolonis, chocolate soufflés with dulce de leche mousse, cappuccino tartufos and blood orange cheesecakes. But hey, who’s keeping track of his always-changing, nightly creations that present diners with a heavenly nightcap that’ll lull any confection-lover into a sweet dream.

Ready to sink your teeth into fine local dishes by way of Tuscany? Make your next beach day – or evening – a tasteful one you’ll treasure at Hull’s Bridgeman’s Bistro.