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5 Things Parents Love About This Local Summer Camp

Photo credit: Brooks School Summer Programs

For 48 years, Brooks School Summer Programs has offered the quintessential summer experience in New England on a beautiful and historic 251-acre campus. Thanks to Brooks’ safe environment, experienced counselors, and a wide range of activities for all ages, parents share why they’re happy to return year after year.

The environment is welcoming.

“As both a parent and an employee, what I love most about Brooks is the culture,” says Bonnie Miller. “So many of us return each year. There’s a sense of community among the staff and campers that makes it feel comfortable and warm for everyone. It doesn’t feel cliquey, and new kids are embraced. There is an inclusive atmosphere to make sure all kids feel welcome.”

Kids are making lifelong friendships.

“Returning to camp each year is like a new adventure for my daughters,” says Michael Votto. “They look forward to seeing their camp friends and have built a solid rapport with campers, counselors, lifeguards, and staff. They’ve grown up at Brooks and consider it a second home. There is no other place they would want to spend their summer.”

Brooks offers summer school classes.

“The classes are small with great teacher to student interaction,” says Miller. “They’re laid-back enough that the kids truly enjoy them, but at the same time, the teachers are reinforcing essential skills and challenging the kids. They assess the skills and needs of each child and work with them at their level with special projects, fun assignments, and interactive games.”

There’s so much to do and try.

“It’s impossible to identify just one activity that my children have loved over the last 12 years,” says Susan Peck. “Both of my kids learned to be proficient and strong swimmers with wonderful pool and guard staff. They also experienced many diverse sports, including archery, boating, fishing, tennis, and the flying squirrel. We can’t wait for summer 2019!”

Kids are developing into future leaders.

“The intensive staff training on facilitating kids’ development sets it apart,” says Maureen Hentz. “I want to know that my kid hit a bullseye in archery, but more importantly, I want to know when my kid stepped up and helped someone, when he pushed beyond his own limits, and when he achieved a real milestone of independence. They don’t just keep the kids happy and busy; they help kids one by one become who they are.”

Brooks School offers day camps, summer school, teen leadership development, transportation throughout the Merrimack Valley and Metro Boston, and extended day services. With a focus on independence, friendship, confidence building, and leadership, Brooks invites your child to join them for a summer of memorable experiences. For more information and to register, visit summer.brooksschool.org.