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8 Tips Every Man Needs to Ensure He Looks Great in a Suit

Maybe men are sick of the casual dress that has become de rigueur over the last decade. Once stifled in a suit and tie, many went for the dressed down approach, newly acceptable in all but the investment-banking world. But they didn’t even stop at smart casual, and one could argue that the technology sector almost mandated jeans and flip-flops.

Not so much anymore. Men are beginning to show some interest in fashion, and the new slim lines in men’s suits make fit even more important than ever—one can not conceal a poorly fitted suit the way their fathers could. Perhaps that is why so many men are opting for the custom fit suits from Indochino, an online retailor with several physical locations across North America, including a new showroom on Newbury St in Boston.  The brand has made purchasing custom fit dress shirts and suits smart – they offer custom tailored suits for less than $500.00 with in-store fittings or online ordering.

To celebrate the grand opening of their Newbury Street showroom, Indochino has compiled 7 Tips for making your suit fit:

  1. Waist: The waist of the trousers should sit somewhere between the hip bone and the navel depending on personal preference, and you should be able to easily slide one finger between the waistband and your body.
  2. Jacket Length:The suit jacket should reach the first knuckle of your thumb. But It may need adjusting based on your personal body proportions.
  3. Trouser Length: For a standard half break trousers should have one break at the top of the shoe, and socks should not show while standing.
  4. Cuffs: About one half inch of your dress shirt should show below the jacket at the wrists.
  5. Vents: The number of openings in the back of the jacket is important. The single vent is an American style of jacket that is slick and modern. The double vent is more the traditional British style that allows for more movement in the hip.
  6. Buttons: One, two or three buttons are a matter of taste, though you should never fasten the bottom button on any suit. Always unfasten buttons when sitting down.
  7. Consider movement: Will you be riding a bicycle to work (people do!)? Allow extra room for leg motion if you are an active gentleman. If you sit most of the day, the modern slim cut may feel a bit constricting.
  8. Get REAL measurements and breathe: Be honest. If you stand up straight with abs tucked in for your fitting, but in reality have a bit a tendency toward “slouching”, your suit will feel too tight. Don’t suck in your stomach or flex your biceps when getting measured. Always allow enough room to breathe when being measured. Always measure to the quarter inch for accuracy.

The ultimate foolproof way to ensure your suit fits perfectly is to purchase a custom suit, created specifically for your body. Indochino makes it easy, visit them in person, or send in your measurements for your online order. Their beautiful suits can be viewed and purchased on their website, www.indochino.com.