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A Maid’s Tale: From Cleaning Floors to Climbing Company Ladders

Each year, Boston magazine scours the city to uncover businesses worthy of our coveted Best of Boston award. And while we discover the foremost in local food, shopping, and entertainment, we’re immensely proud to offer readers a trusted guide to more intimate services – like The Maids and other professionals who require entry into your home.

After all, who can’t use honest referrals to source reputable cleaning experts like the ten-time Best of Boston winners who sweep the competition when it comes getting any type of job done?

We chatted with The Maids – who have kept Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire shining for 30+ years, all while helping Boston-area women cope with cancer since 2008. And, we learned how three dedicated employees rose through the company ranks – and had some good, clean fun in the process!

Q) Let’s start with a clean slate: What are your names and how long have you been with The Maids?

Jennifer Walichnowski (JW): 18.5 years

Enma Gonzalez (EG): 16 years

Christina Porter (CP): 11 years

Q) You started your careers as cleaners on the ground floor and worked your way up. What are your roles now?

JW: Marketing Manager and Partner in New Hampshire

EG: Branch Manager

CP: Administrative Services

Q) Let’s clear the air: what are common misconceptions people have about maids?

JW: That people don’t like what they do, aren’t loyal to a company, or aren’t paid well – but at The Maids we staff full-time professionals and enjoy great pay, health benefits, and vacation time!

Q) Your four-person crews promise deep-cleanings on the job. Are The Maids as tightly-knit off the clock?

EG: Yes, The Maids are like family. In fact, my 16-year-old son who is about to graduate from high school grew up within the company in many ways.

Q) How do The Maids give back to the community?

JW: We have had an initiative each year for the last twelve years to contribute to great causes. I’m so proud to have run the 2011 Boston Marathon to fundraise for the MS Society – the experience was life-changing!

Q) How does a regular day begin in your offices?

CP: We have very motivating mentors and begin every morning with a team huddle to recognize those in the company – regardless of their role – who have done a great job in some way.

JW: We also use the time for lots of idea-sharing, everything from how to operate the business to the best cleaning tools and methods.

Q) What’s the most important quality a maid can have to succeed?

JW, EG, CP: It’s all about having the right attitude! For the right person, skills can be taught later.

Q) How has being a maid changed your life?

JW: Initially I started just to make extra money. I never dreamed all those years ago it would lead to me potentially owning my own company!

Q) Finally: How can The Maids make even my messy home immaculate?

Simply contact www.maids.com or call 1-800-843-6243 for a free estimate. Then, let Boston’s most sought-after cleaning professionals into your home to do what they do best!